Lost Losing It?

Posted: February 22, 2007 in TV Stuff

This episode with the hype: C-
This episode if I had not seen the “hype”: C

Ben the guy you love to hateYeah, for the first time Lost disappointed me last night and I shared some of the frustrations that the shows critics have.  They hyped it as “we’re going to answer 3 burning questions tonight on Lost” and the answers we got were lame and on top of that shallow.

1)  Jacks Tattoo:  Don’t we already know he’s a lonely guy and the “hero” of Lost?  Unnecessary flashback, unless there’s some huge hidden payoff down the line (doubtful).  This flashback didn’t give us anything we already didn’t know.  They could have spent the time getting other storylines tied up, or moving along.

2)  Cindy returns and exclaims to Jack “We’re here to watch”  Ok fine you here to watch.  Watch what, an experiment, each other, the Others, the other survivors.  Are they unwilling watchers?  I’m sorry but “We’re here to watch” is hardly a an answer to this question which by the way for me was never a burning question.  This angle could have been handled a lot better.  I love new questions when an answer is given but for gods sake, give us more than “we’re here to watch”

3) The Others give the kids a better life:  Again, hadn’t that kind of been established already?  We know from past episodes that the Others have an interest in children but the remark made to Jack, “they’re given better lives” or however it went was weak.  Same as number two above, a bit more insight here would have been very nice.  What are they doing to give them better lives?  Bionic attachments, eternal youth, anything, something would have been nice.

If I would not have seen the hype of “we’re going to answer some questions” I would have whole heartedly enjoyed this episode a lot more.  The episode itself was not bad but ABC hyped it up and the story didn’t live up to the hype…plain and simple.

I will watch Lost until it concludes or is taken off the air because I still love the show but I think the show needs to move to an earlier time slot, say 8pm and possibly to another day of the week, I like Friday.  🙂  It is my hope that the show goes back to its old format by where we see multiple story lines intertwining and such.  Focusing so much on Jack, Sawyer and Kate is ok, but its really taken away from the show this season.  Perhaps if the answers we got actually solved mysteries this route would have been ok, but it hasn’t as of yet.

I hope that the show doesn’t get retooled by ABC because the last thing the show needs is more romance, or love triangles. Yea (to quote something I read on MSNBC today) ‘sex sells” but Lost isn’t about sex or love triangles for that matter.  I have the patience to wait the show out to hopefully get real answers to all its questions, but the remainder of this season better be a return to the shows old formula or the show may sink to a new ratings low.

Next weeks episode is being hyped as “if you miss this episode of Lost you wont know what everyone is talking about in the morning”.  After this weeks overhyping, I know I’ll enjoy next week as I enjoy every episode but I hate hype machines…they promise so much and very rarely deliver.

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