Surface Rocks

Posted: February 25, 2007 in TV Stuff

Nimrod, a small verson of...Just a quick blog on another great show that never got the chance to shine. Surface originally aired on NBC on September 19, 2005. I never actually saw any promos for the show back in those days so I never got to see it when it was first on. At one point late at night Jenn and I caught the end of an episode (I wont say which one as not to spoil it) on the Sci-Fi channel. It blew us away so when it was finally released on DVD we bought it. It’s got the cold opening like Lost and Heroes has and the same type of storytelling those shows have only this one is about Sea Monsters, conspiracies, and has multiple story lines all going at once.

According to everything I’ve read it got decent to poor ratings but was supposedly gaining viewers each week (this may or may not be true). A lot of fans claim it was NBC bungling the handling of the show that hurt its ratings and not the show itself.

The show has good solid acting, fantastic storytelling, great writing, cool monsters, deep conspiracies, and cool characters that you can get into. I recommend that you pick up the DVD box set and give it a shot. The season/series cliffhanger will piss you off of course because the shows gone but it’s a superb cliffhanger and the show is just a lot of fun. For details about the show click here…to buy it online, click here. Of course it’s still on TV but you’ll have to be a subscriber to Direct TV and have their High Definition package. If you are and if you do check out the “Universal HD Channel”. It’s on all the time.

I’m hoping to check out Invasion next as this suffered the same fate as Surface.

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