Battlestar Galactica Review 2-25-07

Posted: February 26, 2007 in TV Stuff

This week’s episode: B-

Chief TyrolThis season of Battlestar Galactica has been phenomenal. It began with some intense action and Cylon craziness and has since gone into some personal stories, the kind of stories that make the series so good. Tonight’s episode was no different. While it was definitely not the greatest episode yet, it was another solid delivery from the show.

This week the show dealt with the laborers on the refinery ship, the sole ship in the fleet that is responsible for the manufacturing of fuel for the entire fleet! Chief Tyrol found himself in the middle of a labor dispute that had the potential to disrupt and even put the whole fleet in danger. It is revealed early on that the refinery workers have not had one single day off since the Cylon attack on the colonies. A long time no doubt and it showed on their faces. Over the course of the episode we see President Roslin get down and dirty and arrest the workers who she knows to be sewing seeds of discontent. From here it’s pretty straight forward. A lot of wheeling and dealing between the workers, the Chief, and the President/Adama, and then ultimately a strike called by the Chief (remember he was the Union leader on New Caprica)

The whole episode revolves around a book that Baltar wrote that was basically designed by the snake to bring about discontent within the fleet. This week made me hate Baltar even more and hope that by series end he’ll be blown away in some fashion. As more and more people read the book over time (which we don’t actually see but it’s alluded to) the “lower” or working class both in the public and military sector become unsatisfied with how things have shaped up.

There is a show stealing seen near the end of the hour by Admiral Adama where he makes some serious threats/promises to Chief Tyrol. The Chief finally agrees to call of the strike and then gets Roslin to agree to changes for everyone so that people, specifically the working class of the fleet are treated better.

Battlestar Galactic has yet to disappoint me one single time as of yet and the show appears to still be going uphill. This episode while it didn’t deal directly with main story arc of the series, focused on character development and the plight of the average survivors within the fleet. I like these types of episodes because they continually add to or remind us of the human element and the struggles that everyone is facing not just the main characters. They also add depth to some of our favorite characters.

This is a transitional type of story so don’t expect any huge revelations or shocking surprises but it’s a good side story that keeps your attention the whole way through, though I wanted to smack the people trying to have a labor strike in the time of a crisis!

Next weeks preview looks great, cant wait

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