The Final Five Cylons

Posted: February 26, 2007 in TV Stuff

The Old ManThe third season of Battlestar Galactica has put an emphasis on the five remaining (possibly) humanoid cylon models that we’ve havent seen yet.  I’ve read many reviews, articles, and other Blogs all of which allude to who the writers believe these Cylons are.  I’ve formed many opinions on this…..

President Laura Roslin:  What can I say.  I started out hating this woman because she stood against almost everything Adama was about or did.  By season 2 she lost that naive attitude and has since become an agressive asskicker when it’s called for.  Although she’s a key character what better person to be a Clyon agent.  A major Cylong player infiltrating and running the human government!  It would be a huge blow to Adama whom trusts her greatly and to the entire fleet itself.  If she is indeed a Cylon I dont believe she’s a sleeper agent like Boomer was, she’s just under deep cover waiting for the right moment to strike.  In some respects I feel as though this angle would work though I’d prefer not to see the major players of the fleet be revealed as Cylons.  Time will tell.

Kara “Starbuck” Thrace: Starbuck is so central to the story and has such a huge history with the Adama’s that revealing she is a Cylon could really take away from or hurt the show. Starbuck kicks ass and her character and place in the fleet is to important to turn her Cylon. I can see it happening however because she is so close to both Apollo and the Admiral. She’s also a very popular character with fans so it would be a huge shocker in the beggining but I hope to god it isnt true.

Billy The Presidents old Assistant: Yep that’s right! Billy was suprisingly killed during Season 2 and according to Wikipedia the charcter was killed because the actor who played Billy would not commit to a five year contract. It goes on to state that he wouldnt mind returning as a Cylon at some point. Aside from that what a better agent to have than one who works as the Presidents assistant? This could explain alot of things… like how the Cylons were able to follow the fleet after each of the early jumps. Billy had access to alot of important information so who knows.

Doctor Cottle: Most people think I’m nuts when I mention this one but his work with Laura’s cancer and Sharon’s and Helo’s baby makes me think there may be more to him than meets the eye. Doctor Cottle is a trusted member of the crew and a high ranking officer to boot so this one could work out…then again I might just be expireincing the early stages of dementia.

Lee “Apollo” Adama: I’ve heard a few people say that they believe Apollo to be a Cylon. I dont buy it and dont really entertain the thought. He goes way back with Starbuck and he’s the son of the Admiral so Lee is an unlikley candidate.

Felix Gaeta: I really like Gaeta especially after we found out he was working from the inside of Baltar’s cabinet to help the resistance so I’ll be kind of bummed if he is exposed as a Cylon. He’s a prominent character on the show, yet he’s no Adama or Starbuck so hey may just be one of the final five. If Gaeta is indeed a Cylon this would help explain how the Cylons were able to find the fleet so easily after jumps and things like that.

Gaius Baltar: Baltar is such a great villian. The cowardly villian who’s only interested in perserving his interests and survival. He plays both sides and although he’s been all but exposed as the piece of garbage he is, I think making him a Cylon would be a mistake. For starters this would be way to obvious, and to easy…’d be like a whimper of a revelation instead of a bang. I like Baltar as he is now a human turncoat who plays the cowardly victim. The character is much more interesting this way and if he becomes a Cylon you remove almost everything about him that makes him so great and hateable!

If I remember what I read correctly only one of the final five Cylons is someone we’ve seen before so this revelatoin has to be big! I lean twords President Roslin although I think Gaeta would be most effective as a Cylon (as far as the show goes). I cant wait until the end of season when this person is revealed.

On a side note…how cool would it be to see Scott Bakula show up as one of the final five Cylons? Dean Stockwell is already there so why not! That would be a Leap Gone Bad! 🙂

  1. Your Hot Wife says:

    I think one of the cylons is president and i know she had cancer but they can work it in there somewhere.. anyway you have too much time on your hands to blog this much.. lol love you

  2. jarofclay says:

    I think Sam Anders and Col. Thye are cylons. I agree with you that there’s no way Kara or Apollo could be cylons. Oh well, time will tell.

  3. Tom says:

    If Starbuck isn’t a cylon, then she couldn’t have died in the viper explosion. There is no way the creators could have gotten rid of Starbuck’s character permanently. Besides, the BSG finale banner has a picture of Starbuck. They absolutely can’t get rid of a character like hers, and writing her off as a Cylon seems to be the only logical way to bring her back.

  4. Darkkight Bekkers says:

    i think that Doctor Cottle is the fineal cylon model because in the razor trailer i slowed it down and the old man in the cylon tank looks like him but i could be wrong.

  5. Michael says:

    Dee, Appollos (ex?)-wife is the final cylon.

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