Heroes Review 2-27-07

Posted: February 27, 2007 in TV Stuff

This week’s episode: A+

not the scumbag you thought he was!Let me start out by saying this is one of those episodes that fans talk about for a long time. Unlike Lost recently, Heroes gave us solid answers to some of the bigger questions we’ve had about the shows charcters espeically Claire’s dad H.R.G. and Claire herself. By hours end new questions we’re raised true to Lost and Heroe’s fashion but again unlike Lost they were questions about where they were going next with the story and didnt leave us scratching our heads wondering “ok so why, who, and where”. We got the who’s and why’s last night in a big way.

Last night Heroes gave us some insight as to who Hiro’s dad really is, what he is, who’s side Claire’s dad is really on, who he actually works for and how Claude Raines is connected to H.R.G. All of these answers tied in and where tied up very nicely to say the least. The delievery itself was fantastic too as it consisted of emotion heavy flashbacks (in black & white).

All of these flashbacks and backstory play into the main plot of the episode which is basically Matt and Nuclear Ted holding Claire’s family hostage in an attempt to get some answers from H.R.G. as to why the Heroes have the powers they do and how they believe they got them.

Ted is obviously unstable throughout the story and Matt eventually is forced to take the side of H.R.G. simply so that Ted will calm down and keep himself from going SuperNova. Matt reads the minds of both Claire and H.R.G. as Ted gets angrier to help him through the tense scernario and learns that he must work with daughter and father in order to save them and himself from Ted’s unstable emotional state. As this episode moves forward you find that Claires dad is not nessassarily the scumbag we all thought he was and that Claire was given to him by some organization that was engaging in alot of “morally gray” areas as far as people with powers go. I wont spoil to much because its a fantastic story with an even more fantastic delivery and an unbelievable ending that will blow you away.

In conclusion, I’d have to say this was my favorite episode of Heroes yet and cant wait to see where the story goes from here! A small part of me wonders if they can ever match this episode or surpass it down the line but I have a feeling that they’ll find a way. Heroe’s like Battlestar Galactic seem to be climbing a long steep hill of success as thier episodes get better and better as time goes on. Here’s to Heroes and it’s great acting, storytelling, and writing.

Next weeks preview was also pretty shocking so if you havent watched it yet…what are you waiting for? You wont be disappointed!!!

  1. Chris Waffle says:

    Did you get choked up at the end? I had a single tear rolling down my cheek. A father’s love for his daughter…excuse me, I’ve got something in my eye…sniff..

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