Lost Review 2-28-07

Posted: March 1, 2007 in TV Stuff

This weeks episode: C

Please dont pussy-fi me!Well the hype machine has worked its accursed magic once again. Last week ABC hyped the preview for this weeks episode with “if you miss next weeks episode of Lost, you wont know what everyone is talking about in the morning.” They also said during last weeks preview “A rescue long over due, indicating that Locke and Sayid were going to kick some Others ass and get Jack out of there.” Well ABC I know exactly what we’re all talking about and it wasn’t about Jacks rescue because that didn’t even begin last night. We’re talking about how meaningless and unguided this week’s episode was. I gave it a C rating this week compared to last weeks C- mainly because the story goes absolutely nowhere and nowhere fast however it was an upbeat episode that saw a return to the other survivors so that was a big plus.

The story this week focused on Hurley and the bad luck he’s had since he won the lottery using “the numbers”. We were also given insight to his family life which undeniably sucked. His dad (played by Cheech Marin) is a mooch and a louse who walks out on him while he’s still a kid and then shows up not long after Hurley wins the lottery. Hurley’s mom is not much better than his dad and we are shown things that shaped Hurley’s life. All of this gave Hurley more depth (as if he needed more) and makes you feel even more sorry for Hurley.

Hurley’s parents try to get him to believe that he’s not cursed and try to keep him from going to Australia to supposedly have the curse removed. While these flashbacks were definitely cool and added to Hurley’s character, the rest of the episode falls flat and is completely unrelated to anything having to do with the main storyline of Lost.

While he’s not flashing back Hurley goes through the jungle and eventually stumbles on a capsized VW bus. He then returns to the beach to enlist help turning it over in hopes he can get the engine running again for no other reason that to do it and to have some fun. He ultimately gets Jin and Charlie to help and a reluctant Sawyer eventually helps out too. They do finally after a lot of meaningless banter get the car up and running and find out that the car has a bunch of old skunky, flat beer in the back (which is why Sawyer helps) and then to blow off some steam they all go for a ride in the bus. I’ll admit is was kind of cool to see the four guys enjoying themselves since it’s usually all doom and gloom for these people but this story severed no purpose what so ever. It felt like the writers may have only had enough real story for 6 episodes and had to come up with a bunch of filler episodes until the season finale….at least it felt that way to me.

There was one part of the story that really bothered me and I’ll come right out and say it. The Sawyer/Kate thing. It’s obvious they care for each other and that’s all fine and good but now their “thing” is being handled borderline soap opera style. When those parts where shown they trade lovey dovey glances and then act like they are angry at each other. It’s a type of frustrated love I guess which reminds me of something I saw everyday back in the 7th and 8th grade. Their little love tiff or fling needs to conclude…either have them become a permanent couple or go back to loathing each other and be done with it. I don’t want to see the show waste another 5 minutes on this angle. This isn’t what Lost is about and not what it should be about. For gods sakes there’s a killer “Monster” loose in the jungle, and they want to show us that Sawyer has feelings…..BAH!

Just a quick note about Sawyer here too. Sawyer is a kick ass character. He’s a guy we love to hate but the show seems to be softening him up quite a bit. Bad move here guys…..really bad! I’m all for characters evolving, growing and changing but this goes beyond that and to put it bluntly…sucks. Do I want Sawyer to evolve? Hell yes I do but I’d like to see Sawyer become an Anti-hero and not a soft sensitive male. Sure in the beginning we all hated Sawyer and wanted someone to beat the crap out of him and then we learn he’s had a tragic life. Sawyer as an Anti-hero would fit him perfectly. He’s kind of gone in that direction recently as he helps out and is kind of friendly with the other survivors but I can see all of those dirty characteristics he had being slowly taken away. Sawyer needs to be both and I think that would suit that character best.

So all in all this week’s episode while it wasn’t unwatchable by any means did nothing to advance the story in any significant way something I’ve seen two weeks in a row now. Until I had seen this week’s and last week’s episodes I honestly believed that the long hiatus the show had this season was the sole reason for the shows sinking ratings and although I believe this to still be the main culprit filler story telling does little to help the struggling show.

ABC needs to kill the hype completely and let us go into each week with no preconceptions. That hurt this week’s episode in my eyes and once again I would have enjoyed the show more without the hype they spewed out during last week’s preview. No more filler or fluff…..let’s go Lost!

  1. Chris Waffle says:

    Well, ABC was sort of right. I was talking about that episode the next day. Talking about how LAME it was!

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