Heroes Review 3-5-07

Posted: March 7, 2007 in TV Stuff

This weeks episode: A+

Peter vs. SlyerThis weeks episode of Heroes was fantastic! After last weeks episode, I didnt think they could go produce a better episode. I was wrong in my assumption. This week toped last week and made some awesome revelations about our heroes.

The episode picks up where we left off last week with Claires dad not remembering anything. When he returns to a hotel room his wife cautiously reminds him that he had basically “spilled the beans” to her and that she’s been playing dumb recently to keep the family safe. Mr. Bennet then re-learns that Claire is in trouble and that alot has gone down recently. Later in the episode we are introducted to a shape shifter who it turns out was posing as both Claire’s mom and Simone!

We finally get to meet Mr. Linderman (played my Malcom McDowell) when Nathan goes to kill him after some help from Nikki. He ultimatley does not kill Linderman and for good reason. Linderman reveals that he knows about Nathan’s powers and past so Nathan puts the gun down and foregoes murdrer for the time being.

Three really cool scenes stick out in my mind that I’d like to talk about.

1) Hiro finally gets his sword with a little help from Nathan Petrelli. Nathan assists Hiro in getting past hotel/casino security in Lindermans place. Hiro poses as a delivery man but ultimatley gets caught trying to steal the real sword from it’s secure locker. At one point it looks like Hiro is in real trouble as all security in the building is called upon to go after Hiro and when the first security gaurd comes into the room, it turns out to be Ando! I love Ando and am glad he came back…and in a big way too…to save Hiro’s ass! Good stuff in this scene!

2) At one point Claire goes looking for Peter and ends up at his mom’s house! As Peter’s mom opens the door we see that the Haitian is already in there to try and keep Claire safe and Peter’s mom introduces herself to Claire as her Grandmother! This scene blew me away too! Huge revelation but also raises alot of questions too.

3) Mohinder has Syler with him the whole episode and ends up confining Slyer to a chair with an IV that keeps Syler from using his power. Long story short, Slyer secretly breaks free and near the end of the hour Peter comes to find Mohinder to find that he’s pinned up on the ceiling by Syler and Slyer attacks Peter attempting to cut his head off! This was kick ass because it showed us how Peter gets the scar Hiro mentions early in the season and leaves us with a great cliffhanger!

Now that I’ve raved about how awesome this episode was I have one HUGE gripe! At the end of the episode we are told that the show will return on April 23rd. This sucks beyond any kind of comprehension! I know why networks have re-runs and hiatuses during the seasons so I wont go into that however in this day and age and with some of the shows that are on the air I dont understand why the networks dont change things so that we can get a season to run uninteruppted straight through with no breaks, no re-runs etc. I know that Heroes is insanley popular and I’m a Heroes addict as well however no matter how cool a show may be, these hiatuses, both the holiday and early spring ones are stupid and do end up hurting the show. Look at Lost although it’s had alot to nitpick about latley that huge 3 month “break” in the show alienated alot of viewers! No more breaks networks!

  1. Chris Waffle says:

    Yeah dude, when I saw that the next new episode was two months away, I almost destroyed my TIVO!

    PS – Mr. Linderman makes a rad pot pie.

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