Lost Review 3-7-07

Posted: March 8, 2007 in TV Stuff

This weeks episode: B

Patchy...revealed to be an OtherLost returned to form this week in a big, fun and mysterious way. After seeing the previews about the ping pong game I thought that the majority of the hour would be spent again on a meaningless subplot but the ping pong portion while ok was kept to a very bare minimum. The majority of this episode focuses on the “Patchy” guy that we saw earlier this season in “The Cost of Living” just before Mr. Eko is killed. He’s the guy that was seen on a TV screen in the Pearl station by Sayid, Locke and Jack among others.

The episode also focuses on some Sayid flashbacks which help build his charater even more and these flashbacks were informative and entertaining unlike those over the last two weeks. We see Sayid posing as a Chef using an alias and is eventually lured into a resturant and captured by a woman whom he tourted and her husband. Good stuff here and you wonder how Sayid ever made it out of this situation. In the end he confesses to the woman while her husband is away that he remembers her face and tourting her and the woman then agrees to let him go basically stating that she will not be “that kind of person”.

Aside from the cool flashbacks this weeks episode focuses heavily on Sayid, Locke, Danielle, and Kate finding a shack somewhere on the island and discovering that the eye patch wearing guy lives there. He claims to be the last surviving member of the Dharma Initiative which turns out to be false and the parties engage in some fights and struggles. Sayid eventually kicks this guys ass and takes him prisoner. While this is all going on Locke plays Chess on Patchy’s computer to find that winning the game unlocks a series of mysterious and somewhat shocking options. The most important one being “if this station has encountered the hostiles press 77.” The other options pose several questions but the 77 command is the important one….at least for this episode. Locke eventually enters that command near the end of the hour which ends up blowing up the shack that Patchy was living in. The episode ends with the party leading Patchy away and Sayid says he will not kill him. Locke also finds a map of sorts that the party believes will show them where the Others are living.

There’s alot I left out in this review because in old school Lost fashion, the episode was mysterious and poses a bunch of questions. We also get some answers in this episode too which are much better than “what does Jacks tattoo mean” or “what happened to Cindy.” We found out who Patchy was, what he was doing at the shack, the Others may not be the Dharma Initiative, and the very begginings of Jacks rescue are starting to shape up.

I liked this episode alot and not just because the previous two weeks were average to below average episodes. It gave good answers, posed some good mysterious questions, had action, intrigue, good flashbacks and was all around fun to watch because it draws you in.

The only complaint I can make is the amount of commercials Lost has. While I may be incorrect in this observation, it seems this season has more commercials than the show did in any of it’s previous seasons. Commericals suck plain and simple and although I have TiVo and can fast forward through the garbage, the commercials still take time away that could be used to move the story along. Shows like Lost, Heroes, Battlestar Galactic make me wish they were all on HBO like Rome is. Rome is on the same level as these shows but is more enjoyable in that you get a full hour of story…not 30-40 minutes. Solution…..make all channels subscription based and eliminate commercials…they’re crap.

Next weeks episode looks like it has the potential to keep the momentum going that this episode re-established but I fear that the damage that has been done to this show is irreversable. A three month layoff followed by some very average at best episodes have hurt Lost but no show is perfect and there’s always going to be filler or side stories at some point. Lets hope this season of Lost is finished with those and continues on the path it started on tonight!

  1. Chris Waffle says:

    Dude, how did Locke go from being the coolest character in season 1 to being a total lame dumbass by season 3? Good grief, buddy! I’d rather watch Paolo take a dump!

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