Lost Review 3-14-07

Posted: March 17, 2007 in TV Stuff

This weeks episode: B

The Sheppard FamilyThis weeks episode of Lost was on par with last weeks. While it certainly wasn’t as good as some of the action filled or intense dramatic classics of the shows past it was definitely a step in the right direction….again.

This week dealt with Claire which was a welcome story as she’s barley been on screen this season. We get a lot of back-story on her and her mother whom is on life support and desperately needs the plug pulled. Christian Sheppard, Jack’s dad shows up in the hospital during Claires flashbacks and it is eventually revealed that Christian is also Claire’s dad making Jack her half brother. The flashbacks were pretty good and engaging. The revelation of Christian being Claire’s dad made it awesome and left me wondering if Jack and Claire will ever figure out how they are related.

The other half of the episode was dedicated to Locke, Sayid, Danielle, and “Patchy” working their way to “Othersville” and along the way the group encounters some type of mysterious security device that’s obviously there to protect the Others’ village. Locke continues his mysterious behavior and first pushes Patchy through the security device which turns out to be some sort of Sonic Weaponry and basically explodes the guys insides with some crazy sounds. After Patchy is imploded Locke reveals that he did in fact know Patchy’s shack contained C4. This news puzzles and concerns Sayid but not much else is said about that other than they plan to use the C4….for what remains to be seen.

I think my favorite moment of this weeks episode had to be the closing shot! Locke and company eventually reach the Others’ village and when Kate looks through the bushes toward the village, she sees Jack running her way but you then see Jack catch a football thrown by Tom and both look to be having a good time. We are left to wonder if Jack has become an Other or if he’s just biding his time. Of all the Others I like Tom and think he may have a good streak in him and will turn on Ben and the rest of the group at some point….only time will tell. Here’s to Lost and a very good episode! Cheers!

I was pretty pleased with this weeks episode. While there where two or three really cool moments the rest of the episode moved along well and was pleasantly solid. I only hope that this trend on Lost continues so that we don’t have to press through episodes like we saw just a few weeks ago with Hurley and soap opera style love. Lost has returned to form at least for now and hopefully for good!

One thing my wife and I have noticed is that there seem to be an ever increasing amount of commercials on this show (Heroes also suffers from this). We timed it several times and it literally was 5 to 7 minutes of show and then 5 minutes of commercial the whole way through. Advertising plays a big part in network TV so I understand its purpose but it’s my belief that this style of advertising is outdated and archaic (many people have DVR’s these days and skip commercials) not to mention it severely cuts down on show time. Those lost minutes could be used to advanced plots much like Rome and the Sopranos due on HBO where there is no commercials. When I’m done watching those two shows I feel like I got just enough story for one week (although I wish everything ran for two hours). Way to many commercials. Come on ABC cut back on that or at least give us a two hour season finale with no commercial interruptions! How cool would that be.

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