Battlestar Galactica Review 3-18-07

Posted: March 21, 2007 in TV Stuff

This weeks episode: A

By Your Command!Well I don’t really know where to start on this weeks episode not because it wasn’t good but because it was a great “set up” episode that carried a lot of heavy drama really well and left me salivating for next weeks season finale.

The episode deals the trial of Baltar in depth and we get to see Apollo step out from the old man’s shadow and throw some aggressive questioning at President Roslin. This happens of course because during the first part of the trial Lee passes some info onto Lampkin about the President instead of handling it himself. The Admiral confronts Lee in his quarters and blasts him calling him a coward which causes Lee to give up his wings and resign from the military…..good stuff. I love the drama between Apollo and the Admiral. Once Lee finally questions Roslin we find out that she’s back on drugs because her cancer has returned which obviously makes Lee regret (at least it looked like it) his line of questioning. The trail aspect of this episode was a long time coming and I was very happy to see it happen although I don’t believe Baltar deserves a fair trial in a time of war when he was handed back to the fleet by the enemy!

During the trial and through miscellaneous scenes a few characters begin to hear strange music. I noticed Tigh, Tyrol, and Anders hearing the music and although they don’t really tell us what this is all about I believe it to be some type of signal that will “awaken” the sleeping Cylon agents that make up part of if not all of the Final Five. I am hoping that none of the final five are sleeper agents since a knowing willing enemy makes a much more diabolical adversary and makes them more hate-able villains. Anyhow, this music raised a lot of questions that got me more excited than normal for next week’s episode. Battlestar Galactic is one of the few shows that (at least for me) has yet to disappoint me with any poor stories, bad acting, over cliché type scenes/lines or predictable behavior. This week’s episode was fantastic and I can’t wait to see next week’s finale! Way to go Battlestar!

On a side note: The Final Five Cylons. Who are they, are they sleeper agents, are they the leaders of the Cylon Empire and just a few of the questions I’ve had about them since the Final Five were mentioned this season. I’m confident we’ll see at least 3 or 4 of the Final Five this coming Sunday and I believe three of them to be Chief Tyrol, Colonel Tigh, and Tory the presidents assistant. I’ll admit even though he’s a huge lush, I love Tigh and think he’s a straight forward guy who’s hard to dislike…..a great flawed hero….almost an anti hero of sorts. I also think the Chief is a great character and it would be sad to see him become a villain but maybe the powers that be knew this and thought this would make them great Cylons, I honestly don’t know. Anders I’ve kind of always suspected to be a Cylon so that won’t be to surprising. I only hope that someday they make it clear who the true leader of the Cylons is and I hope that it’s still an Imperious Leader! Sunday can’t get here fast enough!

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