The End Of Lost

Posted: May 7, 2007 in TV Stuff

Well today Lost fans found out that the show has an end date. An end date of 2010 to be exact. Wow show much to say…where do I start?

First and foremost I love Lost, it is my opinion that it is the best television show ever created and one of the coolest stories ever told! The characters are deep, flashbacks (excpet for Jack’s tattoo) are all awesome and provide alot of depth to our favorite characters. Sure the answers sometimes dont come when we want them to, and although they do sometimes they are small answers that raise new questions. This being considered I’ve always beleived that the would truley answer all of our questions during the final season which until today I figured would be either Season 4 or Season 5.

When I read that it would cotinue through season 6 I had very strong mixed feelings on that decision. My first reaction was “ah shit, they’re gonna drag it out” and then I said to myself “Wait a minute dude, they probably have some killer stuff to get out there”. Upon finishing the article I got kind of angry, not nessassarily with the shows creators/producers but with ABC. They are pulling a “Soprano’s” on us for lack of a better phrase. You see I could live with 3 more seasons of Lost although I think that’s stretching it a bit. What really kills me here is the fact that they took the remaining 40 some odd episodes and split it into 3 seasons with only 16 episodes each season! That’s a load of shit in my eyes and I’m sure I wont be the only one to feel this way. ABC is going to milk this show for all it’s worth and although that’s what large businesses do to thier top product, it’s sad to see it happen when it happens to something so many people love and enjoy.

I read various posts on message boards where some fans flamed other fans and said things like “stop bitching if your a real fan you’d be happy you’re getting 3 more seasons of Lost” etc etc etc. I found alot of variations on this type of comment but perhaps the most upsetting one was “ABC and the producers of Lost don’t owe us anything…we owe them!” Opinions usually dont bother me but man, this one did. Any famous band, actor, etc would tell you that if it wasnt for thier fans they’d be nothing. We, the veiwers of Lost and purchasers of the shows DVD’s and so on are what made this show and keep it going. Sometimes I get the feeling like the people on message boards are much younger than I am (34) and kind of take things at face value, which i guess is thier right to do.

Ok now that I’ve digressed for a bit, let me get back on top of this debachuary. I also read that the one of the producers of Lost claims that with such short seaons and long breaks they’ll be able to make each episode even better because there wont be so much pressure. Uh huh….ok. They seem to do just fine the way it is now. Keep in mind these guys work for ABC so they’ll say whatever they have to or told to to make you feel ok with this when in reality ABC is just spreading out the shows life for more cash.

Now my fears!

1) Most of if not all of the “original” cast, meaning those there now will be long gone by the end of season 4-5 and will be meaninglessly and unpurposefully killed off simploy because memebers of the cast wont want to stick around for that long. This will leave us with new, second rate, shallow characters that arent as riveting or interesting as the orginals if for no other reason than there wont be enough time left to develop them.

2) There will be a huge and I mean HUGE number of filler or “fluff” episodes that have nothing to do with anything. As much of a fan as my wife and I are, we were so bummed out about the 3 weeks in the middle of this season (3rd) that finally concluded with Mikhail showing up or rather the party finding his station. I’d be willing to bet my life that the producers are obligated in some fashion to do so many of these per season (even though when they did it this year, they lost tons of loyal viewers….got to love stubborn close minded execs!) and I’m seriously worried we’ll get more than a handful since adding this extra season and trimming the seasons from 23 to 16 episodes undoubtedly means extra fluff! Lost, Heroes, Battlestar Galactica, have all had thier share of filler episodes but none of these shows need them. With a show like Lost you’re stuck with the fans you’ve had since the beginning….dont fuck up the show or frustrate your loyal base by producing sub par stories that go nowhere fast! (I got news for ya, ya ain’t drawing in new viewers with these episodes you’re just alienating your fan base) Lost is so entertainging there’s no need for a “break” in the action….so stick to what made you great……

3) The wait in between seasons sucks bad enough when you’re given 23 episodes a year but trimming it down makes it even worse…..yea yea…oooo only 5 extra weeks right? Wrong…that’s over a month and I’m sorry many dont agree but it sucks. This is the kind of show I wish ran Monday through Friday for only 2 seasons. I love the suspense and trying to figure things out but lets keep the ball rolling here….9+ months is a long time and if they do start including an all new, or partial cast along with filler episodes they may find that they’ll be losing viewers quicker than they ever thought possible. One of the creators responding by saying that people wait even longer for new Potter books etc which is true but when you get that, you’re not getting any filler fluff or a book that’s had 10 chapters ripped out….you get a full story that holds you over until next time. 16 weeks doesnt cut it guys.

I have alot of other little fears but the 3 above spell it out pretty clearly. Now I’ve been called Anti-Lost and been told I’m not a real fan by other fans today already but they misunderstand. It’s because I love the show so much and because I’m such a huge fan that I feel this way. I’m the type of person that is interested in quality not quanity so an extra season doesnt mean crap if it’s all filler, or includes a bogus charcters simply for the sake of moving the story along or to fill the shoes of cast members who though it was time to go.

Two example I can think of right off the top of my head are The Soprano’s and The X-Files. Two outstanding, great, fantastic, entertaining shows. This season of The Sopranos is pure crapola. The creators might be trying to make a point or suprise us, but how slow can you go…boring, unsatisfying and things move/change so fast you dont know what the hell is going on. Plot development is slow at its best and non existant at its worst. This show could have and probably should have ended last season or in season 5. Instead we got a sixth season that dealt solely with a minor character and the drama he causes because he’s a homosexual. Big deal……where’s the family wars? Oh that’s right Tony made nice with Phil and Johnny because he almost died. Sappy, sad, and lame. X-Files goes along the same lines. The creators and Fox should have had the decency and common sense to end it before Mulder and Sculley left the show. I had no problem with the actors that replaced them, but it just wasnt The X-Files, it wasnt the same and no matter what they did it just didnt add up, or make up for the fact that our favorite characters where gone! I hope this doesnt happen to Lost…..time will tell.

So there you have it. My fears and rants about the decision to go to season 6. Could I be wrong? Absolutley and I hope that I am. Realistically I know that we cant escape filler episodes but my only hope is that it’s kept to a minimum because…well they just suck. Who knows maybe the creators needed the extra episodes to add some cool stuff into the mix. Hmmm no matter what I do I cant get this coporate taste of money out of my mouth.

Come on guys do something radical and air one long ass season! Or at least end in May and begin again in August, repeat…this is ridiculous!

This could be done in 2 seasons both with 24 episodes each! Lame!

  1. Chris Waffle says:

    Easy, big guy! Chill down! Actually, you are right. The only thing that can save this show now is hardcore sex!

  2. ramblingjenn says:

    i think this was a lame episode and if you can call what big surprise before it is even half way over thats a problem..and Jack and everyone else didnt get off the island they just want us to think that.. i hope next season doesnt suck… anyway your hot and turn me on babe

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