Heroes Finale

Posted: May 22, 2007 in TV Stuff

This weeks episode: C+

Well last night was the anticipated season finale of Heroes! I dont have a lot of time so I’ll sum it up as quickly as I can.

What I liked

1) We got to know the name of Claires dad (Noah). I know this one isnt really a big deal but I felt like I could connect with Noah even more once I knew his name.

2) Ando Lives! Yep, he’s my favorite Heroes character and he doesnt even have any superpowers. Ando is just cool, he comes off as that really likeable guy you’ve know forever. Hiro admits to Ando that it is because of Ando that he now has the courage to face Sylar. Go Ando!

3) Hiro! Hiro finally makes good on all of the premonitions he’s had or seen involving him killing Sylar. Although I would have prefered it to be in a more dramatic fashion…..Hiro finally kicked some ass.

What I didnt like

Ever since Heroes returned from it’s ridiculous late season break the show’s been pretty slow. Still entertaining but slow and pretty non eventfully. The suspense has been all but absent since it’s return and the cliffhangers at the end of the hour have been weak compared to what they where before.

That said, I expect a lot from my season and series finales. Here we have Sylar Vs. Peter in a much anticipated showdown to end the hour. (Why wasnt this two hours by the way?) I cant speak for any other Heroe’s fans and I know the focus has always been on character but I thought the showdown was pretty pathectic. Two badasses with all the superpowers in the world and what do we get? Literally a fist fight is what we get. No powers are used in this fight (this is a show about SuperHeroes isn’t it?). The episode where they showed a possible future included a psuedo brawl between Peter and Sylar which did include them getting ready to unleash on each other using thier superpowers!. They should have made this the season finale considering that Peter is supposedly dead now. The entire episode left me wanting more…..finales shouldnt do that especially when they claim to be closing the first chapter of the story. My wife was even more upset that I was…she stated that it “ruined the entire season” for her and that she’s not to interested in picking it back up again for season 2. I will be there especially since Hiro is once again made to look like the focus but I hope we get a better payoff then we did this year. So many people were praising this finale before it aired (reviewers) and before some had even seen it all the while bashing the upcoming Lost finale. I hear the word payoff alot in podcasts when discussions of finales pop up. It looks like it could be Lost that satisifes this time and not Heroes…one can only hope.

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