Sopranos Finale

Posted: June 11, 2007 in TV Stuff

 Tonight’s Episode: F

I don’t even know where to start with tonight’s series finale of The Sopranos. To say I was disappointed would be a massive understatement at the very least. After last weeks episode “Blue Comet” I was expecting and hoping for a full on Godfather type family war with shootout’s etc. What David Chase delivered tonight was anything but that. Instead millions of faithful loyal viewers were treated to the same thing both halves of this season gave us, a boring story that presents several sub-plots that are shallow, go nowhere, and have nothing to do with the problems Tony’s mob family are facing.

The Soprano’s mixed Tony’s mob life with engaging stories about his home life and mixed them well for the first 5 seasons in my opinion. The sixth and extremely shallow and boring season began with a bang (Tony getting shot) and ended with a big fuck you thrown in as the screen fades to black after 5 minutes of grueling tension that had me and my wife on the edge of our seats. Many people have commented that this was a highly unexpected, artistic, brilliant, and genius way to end the series. They go on to state that how great it is that it’s left up to us to decide what happens in the end. In rebuttal, I can only ask these same people how they’d feel if one of their favorite books ended like this. I found nothing artistic about this. Was it unpredictable, yes but it was also one of the biggest let downs in TV I’ve ever seen. The show ran for 6 seasons and about 8 years so one would think that an ending with at least a small amount of closure would be presented. Not the case here. I’ve read that David Chase has made some negative comments about the people who complained about recent Soprano’s episodes so I whole heartedly believe he did this on purpose. If he did, well that makes him and idiot and an asshole. If he didn’t and this was indeed his vision of a great ending that makes Chase a bad story teller. A story needs a beginning, middle and end or conclusion. There was nothing conclusive about this finale.

I think about Quantum Leap’s finale when tonight’s episode ended, but even in that episode the writers under pressure to close up story lines at least managed to finish Al’s story and put him back with Beth. Mirror Image was done under pressure because they were told late that the show was not going to be renewed. The Soprano’s has no excuse for the mess they tossed at us in the finale or in the finale season for that matter. I’ve seen bad series finales before but The Sopranos is the worst one I’ve ever seen. I don’t want to use my imagination, I want the writers to show me what the fates of my favorite characters are.

Chase should have taken a cue from the Six Feet Under Finale. I was never a fan of the show but my wife was and I saw the finale. Now THAT’S closure, that’s an ending. Many people will disagree with me on this and I could rant for hours but I wont. I will say in closing though that an ending whether it be a movie, TV series, book, or even video game can make or break the entire series or run. The Soprano’s finale is a huge black eye on this once great series. There was a time when I would recommend this series to anyone, but now knowing there is NO payout, I wont.

I can only hope now that Heroes, Lost, Battlestar Galactic, and Doctor Who don’t “Soprano” me when they go off the air.

  1. ramblingjenn says:

    This SUCKED big fat dick! What a waste of time! and LOST and battlestar gallactica and Dr who better never end like that! But i think those writers are smarter then that!

    Kiss Kiss!

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