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Posted: June 15, 2007 in Video Games

I’m a hardcore gamer in his mid 30’s so I’ve been gaming for a long time and have enjoyed Nintendo consoles throughout the years.  That being said I felt it time for a Nintendo blog. 

Nintendo’s aim and focus with it’s Wii has always been to reach everyone, not just hardcore gamers like myself but the people who normally wouldnt play a video game.  They have also stated that from the start that they would not be ignorning the hardcore audience by delievering titles like Zelda, Metroid, Mario Galaxy, Smash Bros, etc.  While I knew they would deliever those games over time I never really believed that statement.  While there are some very very good “party” or mini-game titles for the Wii such as Wii Sports I have found the Wii’s focus to be these types of games and not an evenly balanced focus on all types of titles.  I’ve recently read over at IGN about Project HAMMER possibly being cancelled.  If this rumor turns out to be true, shame on Nintendo. To quote IGN directly “However, IGN Wii has heard separately that Nintendo is actively re-working some traditional games so that they are more accessible by casual players. “  Please do not dummy down big name titles so that my grandmother can enjoy them!

I know that Nintendo claims to be suprised by the success of the Wii.  Another claim I really dont buy.  Even though I was never overly impressed with the “Wii-mote” or the prospect of waving a wireless mouse at my TV I knew I along with many others would enjoy something a little different.  Now that the fine folks at Nintndo are wiping the sweat from thier brows it seems they’re ready to take casual gaming to the extreme.  Normally the possible cancellation of a game like Project HAMMER wouldn’t bother me and I wouldn’t think much of it aside from “ah that sucks”, however this along with Nintendo’s recent flood of party and casual games for the Wii doesn’t sit well with me.

Do I enjoy games like Wii Sports?  Hell yes, it’s huge fun and I get to play with my kids which is a huge bonus since they are too young to read and play anything but casual games.  I do not however enjoy Mario Party titles.  I loved the first one years ago but these casual games are becoming to much.  One title blurs into the next and I know that many gamers have noticed a huge lack of originality between all of these “pick me up” titles.  In addition Nintendo has done very little to ensure quality in these games.  The lack of widescreen support in some cases is just plain lazy and furthermore the control scheme for most of these games is weak.  Isn’t the Wii-mote supposed to replace the standard controller or improve our gaming expireince?  I dont know but I found it more annoying in some cases to play with the Wii-mote than I would have with a standard controller.  Prime example, Zelda.  It didnt matter how you moved the remote, Link slashed his sword.  Why is that?  I was hoping to move it left for a left slash, and right for a right slash.  I know alot of these games, including some of the ones geared more twoards the hardcore audience are GameCube ports with sloppy remote control schemes.

I wanted to blog on this today because it’s something I saw coming back at E3, ’06 and it’s been a thorn in my side with Nintendo for a long time.  I know it takes time to produce titles like Zelda and Metroid, and Mario, however games like Project HAMMER servered not only to introduce a new fanchise to the hardcore audience but also to hold us over until the big Nintendo fanchise games come out!  There’s definatley a place for casual games but there’s also got to be a place for epic hardcore games within Nintendo’s walls. I will always support the Wii if for nothing more than the big name Nintendo franchise games but I’ve got to say I’m really disappointed in the Wii and Nintendo for that matter.  Below is a list of pro’s and con’s I feel communicate how I’ve felt the last few months.


  • The price of the console
  • Backwards compatibility
  • Zelda, Metroid, Mario, Mario Kart, and hopefully a new Kid Icarus
  • The Virtual Console
  • The Wii’s small size
  • It’s Nintendo!


  • The lack of console horsepower
  • The lack of widescreen support in some titles
  • The flooding of the market with crappy mascot mini-game titles
  • The rehashing of crappy mascot mini-game titles
  • The fallen promise of an exciting control scheme.
  • The lack of ingenuity and care taken with Wii-mote
  • There is a huge abscense of originality in the Wii’s game library
  • Not enough big name hardcore games are avaliable
  • The general lack of balance and quality in the Wii’s games.
  • It’s just a Game Cube repackaged with a bit more memory and speed (shame on you Nintendo, had that been clear at E3 last year I think fewer people would have bought the system)
  • We are asked to pay 250 dollars for a new controller!

The list goes on but then I’d be nitpicking.  Looking at this list of pro’s and con’s it would appear I dispise my Wii but I dont.  I play it at least once a day but I spend more time with my Xbox 360 for obvious reasons (the 360 has it’s problems too… how many shooters must we play???).  I’m hoping to see a more balanced approach from Nintendo in the years to come but this recent overly “casual” apprach by Nintendo coupled with the fact that in a year or perhaps two the Wii is going to look like an severly outdated piece of hardware (if it already doesnt to some) has me worried.  I want to see all systems succeed because they all bring something great to the gaming world but Nintendo has had a reputation for not living up to promises and expectations, something they are doing now!

I know I’m way out of Nintendo’s target demograph but isnt the Wii supposed to appeal to everyone?  It’s becoming less appealing to me as time goes on!

  1. ramblingjenn says:

    I love the Wii! Its fun for the family and kids.. i do like it but if i want a challenge its not the first machine i would pick up. I love you babe! Why do you have to write such long blogs? you know i dont have the patience to sit through your ramblings! Love you babe you need to be a writer!

    Your hot and sexy!

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