J.J. Abrams and the Cloverfield Trailer

Posted: July 8, 2007 in Misc Stuff

I have yet to see the Transformers movie and although I can’t wait to see it, in many ways the masterful marketing of this mysterious J.J. Abrams movie has got me more excited! My good friend Freddie called me yesterday and said “I saw Transformers man, but um, ah, uh, yeah, but I wanted to tell you about a trailer they played in front of Transformers.” 

He went on to say that he was going to send me a link to the pirated trailer and that he didn’t want to say anything else or he would spoil it for me.  He did say that it was associated with Bad Robot Productions so right away I knew something was big!

I got home this morning and watched the trailer and was blown away, though the trailer I saw was pretty blurry and had shotty sound.  Apparently it was shot on a cell phone so quality was not what I had hoped for.  I’m hoping that the movie studio puts the real trailer online since they should know it’s going to be pirated anyway.  I’ve never had a trailer get me so excited and never had a trailer gotten me so excited for a movie I know nothing about.  This was the first I’d ever heard or seen of this apparently secret project and I like to think I keep up with current entertainment news.

The trailer starts out with a bunch of people partying until a sudden jolt and loud noise are felt and heard.  The camera view is one set so that it appears someone in the movie is doing the filming. Had I not seen the Bad Robot logo appear before the trailer, I probably wouldn’t think this movie was related to Lost, but with the sound this “monster” makes, it really sounded like the Lost Monster.  Whatever it is makes noises several times throughout the trailer all of which remind me of Smoke-a-sauras.  This could be because of the shitty audio quality of the pirated trailer or it could be intentional on the part of J.J. Abrams. I am probably way off but only time will tell.

A lot of people online think it’s Voltron, which of course would kick ass but I’m not so sure if it is.  The “monster” we see attacking New York City could be a Robeast but I doubt it.  Many other people think it’s a Godzilla movie.  Godzilla is awesome but isn’t it a bit to early for another one, especially after that shitty update with Mathew Broderick in it?  I know J. J. Abrams would do Godzilla right but I dont think it is going to be a Godzilla movie.  The other batch of people think it’s a movie that’s somehow tied to Lost.  Although I doubt this too, it’s much more feesable to me at least at this point and given the fact that the thing in the movie makes Monsteresque sounds, who knows!

The only things I’m fairly certain of at this point is that is appears to be some kind of monster movie and it will probably open on January 18th, of 2008!  Whatever the case may be, bravo J.J., and bravo whoever worked out the marketing of this.  The movie looks to be great, and I will undoubtedly think about it quite a bit over the next half year!

Here’s to hoping the real trailer is put online like yesterday since it’s already being pirated! Let’s go Paramount!

  1. awesome trailer. i am sooo ready.

  2. Chris Waffle says:

    Actually, what you’re seeing is the first glimpse of the Hot Waffles movie. In this scene, Hot Waffles is playing a concert on Liberty Island. The power of our rock causes explosions all over Manhatten until finally my vocals blow the head off the Statue of Liberty. It’s pretty cool. You should see what we do to the groupies after the show!

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