Playstation 3 Price Cut

Posted: July 9, 2007 in Video Games

Although I love all three major gaming companies I’ve been disappointed in the current generation of consoles, though they are all great.

I love my Wii but STILL hate the fact that it does not support High Defintion and has no true online support.  I love my Xbox 360 but can’t stand all of the first person shooters and sports games that keep coming out for it.  The lack of variety in my eyes is pretty bad.  Then we have the Playstation 3.  The console that should have ruled the gaming world and then some.

I dont own a Playstation 3….yet.  Do I want one?  Yes of course I do and yes I do agree that even at its former price of 600 dollars you’re getting a deal for what’s packed underneath the hood.  I would also love to own a Blu-Ray player, another reason I’d like to have a Playstation 3.  So why dont I?  Well there’s two answers for me and the first one is it’s price tag.  The second is the list of lackluster games available for the console.

As we all know the PS3 carried a 600 dollar price tag at launch and there were two models available.  The 20 gig Playstation 3 has already gone the way of the Dodo bird and now we’re left with one choice, the 60 gig model.  The price has recently dropped to 499.99, an effort long over due on Sony’s part.

Sure it costs a bundle to manufacture every single Playstation 3, and yes Sony loses alot of money on each one but I’m sorry a 100 dollar price cut is just not going to cut it.  Sure there will be those who jump at the new offering but I really can’t see Sony picking up to much ground with this price cut.

The sweet spot for consoles is 299.99 and although I dont think we’ll ever see a Playstation 3 at that price point (at least not for 7 years or so) I think Sony needs or needed to do better than 499.99.  Dont let that 4 fool you, that’s still 500 dollars for a video game console.  Yes yes, it has a Blu-Ray player and supports 1080p but um……yeah 500 bucks for a game console, no thanks! 

There will be a lot of fanboy-ism over this price cut those in favor and those who share my opinion.  The battle will rage on and I believe Sony will be in the same position they are in now for the forseeable future, last place.  Oh and don’t forget the spin that Sony will put on thier Sales reports that show we all went nuts for this price cut. 

Step it up Sony, at 399.99 the Playstation 3 would sell well, and at 299.99 I think Sony would probably take the lead.  Dont forget the games either…where are the great must have’s at?  I don’t see them anywhere.

 It’ll be interesting to see if Microsoft drops the price of it’s 360 models.  I hope they do and negate this rip off of a price break.  Can’t wait to see what happens at E3!

  1. fragtheparrots says:

    I think a price cut would be welcome but then it just turns into a price war. They speculated that they would make money by getting the Blu-Ray accepted as the standard. It floors me that Sony has not learned that they are a consumer electronics company and not the purveyor of all things format. I guess they did not learn from Betamax or UMD, will Blu-Ray go the way of the Dodo? Happily I rent all my games and movies from so when a game sucks, I am not out $60 and if it rocks, I just buy it.

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