Wii Online Friends

Posted: August 22, 2007 in Video Games

Well after reading Matt’s kick ass semi-review of Metroid Prime 3 over at IGN, I learned that you will need online friends to get some of the extra’s in the game.  Seeing as how Nintendo has made it close to impossible for one to meet people through the Wii network and none of my friends (not a single one, they all hate Nintendo) owns a Wii what the hell am I supposed to do?  Anyone want to give me thier “friend code”?  Email it to me at darkminion13@hotmail.com.  I’ll send you mine right back.  Someone help me since Nintendo isn’t!  I dont have anyone to trade Mii’s with so weep for me.  LOL

I think that Prime 3 is going to be the reason to own a Wii this year so check out his review and then go reserve your copy!

  1. Wii player says:

    Hi Scott. I havn’t got Prime 3 for Wii just yet. You are spot on about wii friend codes. A few places have set up mii exchange lists, so you can meet other wii players in the plaza. I’ve noticed the plaza is always empty + the security on a home network could be blocking requests?

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