Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem

Posted: August 24, 2007 in Misc Stuff

AVP 2Sigh… we go again!  Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a Sci-Fi freak and that both the Aliens and Predator franchises rank among my favorites of all time.  Both monsters are brutal, ruthless, and deadly and cause mass chaos whereever they go!  That said to say I was disappointed in Alien Vs. Predator would be an understatment.  I’m actually torn because I’ve watched that movie more than most people probably have and I do enjoy it, it’s just it could have and should have been much much more.

I’m not going to do another review or give my full opinion of the first movie because it’s really irrelevant at this point but let me state the three biggest problems I had with the first film where its director, involvment of stupid humans, and its general lack of gore/blood and guts.  Traditionally both franchises showcase the monsters in a way that potrays them as completey savage and brutal but the first movie in the AVP franchise was catered to “family” in that it was given a PG-13 rating and I got the feeling that, that’s what the studio and/or director wanted.  So what we were left with in the original AVP was a highly sanitized, and emotionless story.  The characters where shallow and I didnt care what happened to them unlike in previous Alient and Predator flicks.  To sum it up the original AVP was to fast, shallow, sanitized, and it involved humans who really had no purpose.  I did like what the story was tyring to do but it just didnt succeed.

Now we come to AVP 2 or the now renamed Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem.  The image at the begining of this post is from the new film and they do look more rigid and nasty but when I read that the story takes place in a mid western town…….sigh, I said “here we go again”.  This movie could turn out to be the mother of all monster Sci-Fi movies, however I really doubt this given the plot.  The humans are once again caught in the middle of a war between two kick ass monsters.  How many times does this idea have to fail before writers, directors, or studio executives get it?  Like I said it could work this time and I could be looking stupid come December of this year but really can’t or doesnt anyone who makes these movies have the talent and/or imagination to write a screenplay that deals strictly with the monsters?  Humans are unnessassry in this movie as they were in the first one.   Now if you’re talking the Alien franchise especially 1 and 2, or the Predator films, humans play a vital role opposite the creatures.  In AVP and a whole host of other bad movies human involvment often helps to further ruin what could have been a decent flick.

How about an AVP movie that involves no humans and takes place on an alien world?  Both of these franchises could exist and be profitable within involving humans.  How many times can we see the creatures running around with people trying to survive and end up with a lone survivor?  Predictable and cliche.  Like I said if it’s handled right (Alien, Aliens and both Predator films) then humans serve a meaningful purpose, they have a monster invading thier space something none of them expect.  In AVP and possibly AVP 2, it’s about the the Aliens Vs. the Predators right?  So again I must ask, what meaningful purpose do these people have in the film.  As much as I would love to see Aliens come to Earth I want to see it happen in a full scale war where 95% of the population has been decimated etc, etc…..yes another kind of cliche in a sense but far more interesting than “folks in a mid-western town caught between a war of two monsters”.  How about Aliens somehow make thier way to the Predator home world?  I’ve been wanting to see that world since the first Predator movie though sadly I don’t think we’ll ever see that in film.  How about a Predator gets stranded on a foreign planet that’s crawling with Xenomorphs or how about this?  We see the Space Jockey’s homeworld invaded by a horde of Predators which could lead to the Space Jockey’s creating the Aliens?  Just ideas that I’d like to see tossed around.  On a personal note I’d like to see a flashback incoroportated into one of these films where we see a Predator hunting some Dinosaurs, that would be interesting or even a hunt involving some enormous species from some far off alien world we’ve yet to see.

Well I don’t think we’ll ever see any of these things happen and hey my ideas might quite possibly be lame but I think the AVP franchise really needs a boost in all areas (film) so here’s to hoping AVP 2 has some character depth, more gore, brutal unforgiving creatures, better fight scenes, a longer running time, and humans that actually have a meaningful role in the film.  Oh and yes I want to see some Pred-aliens that are tough to drop too!

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