Sony Aims And Shoots…

Posted: October 7, 2007 in Video Games

themselves in the foot again!  Even though this has been going on for a little over a year I’m still amazed by the moves Sony continues to make regarding it’s PlayStation 3 console.  I’m a regular visitor and reader of IGN and a couple of days ago I read that after many rumors Sony finally released another version of their PlayStation 3 (in Australia).  This time the console comes with two less USB ports and the multi-memory card port has been removed.  Perhaps the most disappointing aspect of the new PS 3 is the removal of backwards compatibility with PS 1 and PS 2 games.  I can live without a larger hard drive (especially since I would just use a cheaper and larger enclosure should I buy a PS 3 someday) and I could care less about memory card ports since we now have hard drives on our consoles but by removing the ability to play older PlayStation 1 and 2 games Sony isn’t saving money, their slapping gamers in the face.

Most of the comments I read over at IGN indicated that those leaving comments didn’t care that much about backwards compatibility and some indicated they’d be buying this console should it come to the States. Sony themselves stated that there had been “reduced emphasis placed on this feature amongst later purchasers of PS3”.  I’d like to know who they polled and where they polled these people because this doesn’t sound right.  The ability to play PlayStation 1 games on your PlayStation 2 was a huge asset and selling point for the PS 2 and not long ago many of these same people complained about the lack of good backwards compatibility on the PS 3 but have now changed thier tune.  I can understand younger gamers who may not own many PS 1 and/or PS 2 titles not caring about the removal of backward compatibility but I don’t know to many people who own a PlayStation 3 and the ones that do are not children.

The 40 gig PlayStation 3 seems like another desperate attempt to sell a console that is severely overpriced.  If Sony wanted to save money on this thing they should have waited on the Blu-Ray player.  That should have been something for the PS 4.  Even though I don’t like to admit it there are many gamers that don’t have HDTV’s yet and don’t really care about them.  When Sony packed a DVD player into the PS 2 the timing was perfect.  A new video format that was in high demand, that everyone wanted and one that didn’t require the purchase of a new TV.  DVD’s where such a hot item the year the PS 2 launched.  My point?  Chalk it up to bad timing, chalk it up to Sony trying to force a format upon the public but that’s what’s causing the PS 3 to be so damned expensive.


This generation Sony has tripped over its own feet more than several times and still hasn’t managed to pick itself up off the ground.  It’s obvious the Sony exec’s are trying to find ways to sell this machine, still make a profit, and force Blu-Ray on us (which is a nice format) but cutting backwards compatibility was a horrible idea.  Though it seems most people don’t share this opinion with me, I sit here scratching my head wondering “is Sony trying to sell the 40 gig model, or are they trying to frustrate people into buying the most expensive model by nixing good selling points from the cheaper model?”  It would certainly seem like the latter.  Of course with each new PS 3 sku Sony has some clever spin to throw our way to make us think we’re getting a good deal.  Now yes I still believe that even at 600 dollars a Playstation 3 is worth the cost with what it packs under its hood but 600 dollars for a gaming console is ridiculous, especially if you don’t own an HDTV!  There’s no way I can justify dropping anything higher than 300 and maybe 400 bones on a video game console.

Sony, I make good money and I have owned every single major console my that has existed since 1978.  I don’t own a PlayStation 3 and while I want one, I’m not paying 600 or even 500 dollars for a game console.  I’d also like to have a Blu-Ray player but I really want a PlayStation for games…of which your newest console has nothing that interests me.  You’ve become a hypocritical company over the last year or so.  First you say that you won’t confuse customers with multiple sku’s then you say that you want to give your customers options.  Then the console releases and no one buys your 20 gig model.  In your next move you cease production of the 20 gig model and announce that there will be what most people called an insignificant price drop on your PlayStation 3 and you publicly state that there are too many PlayStation 3 sku’s.  Days later we find out that this is not a price drop but a clearance sale and that you will sell only the 60 gig model and a new 80 gig model.  Then the 60 gig adopts the 20 gigs old price tag  while the 80 gig model goes for the original PlayStation 3 price of 600 dollars.  Now for a company that was the market leader in the gaming industry for 10+ years Sony really surprises me.  Behold the 40 gig PlayStation 3, has Sony not learned any lessons this past year?  Are you just trying to drive people to buy the 80 gig model by cutting out basic and core pieces of the console?  It does seem that way but if Sony is not why are they cutting things out of the console that I know, despite what I read or what Sony says are still important assets to the console?  I own hundreds of PS 1 and PS 2 titles as do my friends.  Am I expected to leave my PlayStation 2 hooked up to my TV or hope that it continues to operate for the remainder of my life so that I may enjoy the games I spent my hard earned money on?

This whole fiasco just doesn’t make any sense to me?  The 360 and Wii have backwards compatibility and though the 360’s is somewhat limited it’s still there and if for those who bought a Core system you only need to purchase a hard drive to enable backwards compatibility.  Sony has removed the ability all together in its latest attempt to sell a poorly planned console.  Here’s an analogy that I think sums it up for me.  Sony’s 40 gig PlayStation 3 is like walking into a burger joint and finding a sign that says “Just a little hungry?  Try our new new burger-less hamburger!”  This hamburger comes with the buns and ketchup only.  Sure you can eat it and sure its cheaper but you’ve just been ripped off because you’ll have to buy all the extras to fill your belly like fries, a shake, and so on.

What ever happened to one console, one price?  For all the complaining I do about the Wii, Nintendo got a lot of things right (and wrong) this generation but perhaps it’s their one sku plan that I like best.  We get the best Nintendo has to offer in one option which was nice.  We don’t have to decide whether or not certain options are important to us, we just get them.  Despite these companies touting the fact that gamers love options in their consoles I don’t buy it.  The 360 core option is a crippled console that the majority of people don’t buy.  The Elite 360 is another ridiculous price increase as an added HDMI slot isn’t quite worth the price Microsoft is asking.  Gaming consoles will never be PC’s so I wish two of the major console makers would quit treating them as such and just offer one nice machine.  See the problem isn’t giving or choosing options, it’s (in this case) Sony’s removal of key components that is irritating.  Sony has removed something that helps make the PS 3 attractive.

I would love to buy a PlayStation 3 when I see some games for it that pique my interest, so far none have.  More importantly I would buy a 40 gig PS 3 if it only came with a 5 gig hard drive, wired controllers and no games or free movies, but I won’t buy any version of the PlayStation 3 that doesn’t support backwards compatibility.  What’s next a 10 gig model that doesn’t read any type of disc?  Of course Sony would tell you that there are those gamers who just want to say they own a PlayStation 3 and that the ability to play games on one is no longer important to them.  Here’s the solution Sony!  Offer a PlayStation 3 with everything for 399!  Raising and lowering prices based mostly on the size of the consoles hard drive is the most idiotic thing I’ve ever seen!  Most gamers know enough about computers to know larger hard drives these days are inexpensive so who are you trying to fool?  Slap a 10 gig hard drive on the console, include the emotion chip, and get that thing out there at 399 or that oh so sweet price, $299.95, then discontinue all of the other sku’s.  Sony has changed its mind several times in just one year.  It’s looking for answers and although gamers know that it’s right under the company’s nose, Sony either doesn’t see it or simply refuses to see it.  Nobody bought Sony’s 20 gig model so why do they think anyone will want a gimped 40 gig model, even at a lower price?  Quit confusing and pissing off consumers Sony, its hurting the PlayStation severely.

The Playstation 3 is no longer being hurt by it’s price…it’s being hurt by it’s own reputation as a confusing, crippled mess.

  1. whoelse says:

    Well first off it still can play PS1 games, they removed the PS2’s GS, and if you care so much about B/C get the 60GB and its reduced price.

    Dont sit there telling what Sony should do. Its a great idea.

  2. […] Windows Connected wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerpt ridiculous price increase as an added HDMI slot isn t quite worth the price Microsoft is asking.  Gaming […]

  3. Kyle says:

    Well im a hardcore sony fan from ps1 to ps2 to psp and soon to ps3 with the 40 gig is it that hard to set up your ps2 and play it if you want to play those games yes it does take effort but its effort thats not that big of a deal and the usb ports and memory card port losses nobody even cared about so i dont know what the big deal its good for the people who cant afford 600 dollars for a system then 60 more for each game and the list goes on yes you are getting less for your money but they took things away that can be fixed like i said plug in your ps2

  4. Hot Wife says:

    OOOOHHH I would like you to aim and shoot some at me! Squirt it all over my ass! Sorry wrong post for this but I saw aim and shoot and all i could think about is your cum all over my ass! love you!

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