Journeyman – Cancelled?

Posted: December 19, 2007 in TV Stuff

If you’re not into TV and/or Sci-Fi you may have never heard of Journeyman.  If you are an avid TV fan you probably still haven’t heard of Journeyman.  Quick run down….Journeyman utilizes time travel as a backdrop for really good stories about the shows characters.  The show hasn’t been “officially” cancelled yet however I believe cancellation to be inevitable at this point.  The shows that NBC is interested in keeping have already been ordered to produce full seasons, while Journeyman has not.  The final episode that they have produced is scheduled to air Wednesday December 19th at 10:00 pm and I believe this will be the end of the series.

I’ve seen this show take some hard hits from critics right out of the gate.  I’ve seen it called “boring, predictable, horribly acted”, and quite a few other things.  I’ll be honest, I just don’t get these reviews.  Forget for a moment that it’s a Sci-Fi show, the show is very well written and there’s no corny dialogue that reminds you your watching a TV show and there are no moments of camp to be had either.  The shows focus has been on its characters and their relationships right from the start which normally makes for a great show.  In Journeyman’s case however people just don’t seem to like it and are merciless in their reviews of it.  It’s been my opinion since week two of the shows run that it was/is the best new series on TV though most other people would disagree with me.  Its becoming increasingly clear to me that the majority of TV viewers are casual viewers and don’t take to shows that they either have to watch every week to keep up on or forces them to digest some heavy drama.  I’ve also noticed that Sci-Fi in the mainstream seems to have run its course and most people aren’t interested in it anymore.  This is all really a shame.  I love the storytelling, pacing, and writing on this show.  I also think that the acting is very very good.  I’ve been a Kevin McKidd fan since he did Rome and he’s what initially attracted me to this show.  Once I found out he played the protagonist and that it involved time travel I knew it was going to be well done.

I could go on forever about how fantastic I believe this show to be but I wont.  I do think however that the show has been hurt by lack of promotion, a horrid time slot, and a general distaste for Science Fiction by the public.  Sometimes I feel like I’m watching a different show than the critics are, granted they are paid to nitpick things to death.  I would love to see this show stick around for at least a full season if not for several seasons.  As the story progresses its becoming a bit serialized which I absolutely love but this too might be something that’s turning people away.  Though Heroes sank in the rating this year too I don’t believe that anyone can solely blame it’s horrid stories this year.  Sci-Fi and serials (even semi-serials) are on the way out and have been for a while.  Even Prison Break has tanked in the ratings.  As good as season 4 of Lost looks, I’ll bet it’ll tank horribly too.  Unfortunately for fans of big arching stories, most viewers want answers at the end of the hour and at the latest, the season which is why shows like CSI and the like have done so well throughout the years and why a show like Journeyman among other Sci-Fi shows isn’t doing as well as the network would like it to.

I will miss Journeyman should it actually get canned and while it irritates me that shows like Dancing With The Stars are more popular than a show that tells a great story I have to accept that fact that my tastes in television, movies, and in storytelling are not mainstream and have never really been very popular except within a certain group so I guess I should get used to this kind of thing happening.  What can I say, I wish more people watched this show, I wish that Neilson ratings where not used to tally up viewership, and I wish that DVR viewers where counted as legitimate viewers.  Things might be a bit different if these things were the case but as they say…wish in one hand, shit in the other and see what happens first.  Farewell Journeyman, you where great!

 Was I the only one hoping that Dan would bump into Sam Beckett at some point?

  1. It’s a great show…I’m SO pissed off.

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