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Posted: January 13, 2008 in TV Stuff
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Lost Returns January 31st, 2008!

Anyone that visits this blog knows I’m a huge Lost fan and have been ever since my wife bought Season 1 on DVD back during Season 2’s original run.  We “power watched” the first season in about three days and then waited for Season 2’s DVD release so that we didn’t have to pick up mid season.  While many people where disappointed by parts of Season 3 I happened to enjoy every single episode with the exception of “Stranger in a Strange Land”.  After we are introduced to Mikhail in “Enter 77” the show really took off and concluded with one of the best season finales I’ve ever seen.

With Season 4 beginning it’s run on January 31st of this year I wanted to take just a moment to list some of the things I hope are revealed/answered this year.  I’ve given up on trying to figure out exactly what the Monster really is and I’ll just wait for the reveal sometime during season six!

  1. The Four Toed Statue – We saw this thing only at the end of season two and Sayid’s comment, “I don’t know what I find more disquieting: the fact that the rest of the statue is missing, or that it has four toes.” really got me excited.  It’s been nearly two years and while I don’t expect a full blown explanation this season, I hope at the very least we see it again and someone alludes to what it is, how it got there, and what’s it’s purpose was.  I don’t however want any cop out answers like Cindy gave to Jack.  “We’re here to watch”, was a big let down and I’m hoping with shortened seasons we start getting some real  and really detailed answers.  If something isn’t giong to be fully explained don’t include it in the show.  My personal opinion though on the four toed statue is that its part of something belonging to the original inhabitants of the island or perhaps a group we have yet to meet.  Can’t wait for this one.
  2. Whose side is Ben really on? – Ben is one of the best villains I’ve ever loved to hate but at times the show has given us glimpses into or alluded to Ben’s past and some of these events make me think he might be acting against his will.  Then again he’s such an ambiguous character that he could be the most evil being ever but something makes me think there’s a LOT more to Ben and his actions than we have been privy to thus far.  Aside from Locke, Ben tops my list of favorite castaways and I can’t wait to see whose side he’s really on and what he’s really up to.  I expect though this season we’ll see more of Ben’s lies and manipulation techniques in order to get what he wants.  More Ben flashbacks/flash forwards would really be a nice touch.
  3. Who’s in the Casket? – Season 3’s “Through The Looking Glass” gave us a glimpse into a future where Kate and Jack are off the island.  Jack’s flash forwards shows Jack happening upon an obituary during a flight.  This obituary upsets Jack after reading it and he eventually drives down to a funeral home where we see a closed casket sitting in the middle of an empty showing room.  The funeral director asks Jack “are you a friend or relative?” to which Jack replies “neither”.  Visibly upset Jack touches the casket and though the funeral director offers to open the casket Jack declines the offer and asks if anyone showed up.  It is revealed that Jack is the only one to show for the funeral.  Kate also replies “why would I go” when Jack tells her of this death.  I’m hoping that Season 4 reveals to us exactly who was in the coffin.  For suspense and theory building purposes I can appreciate them making us wait to find out how this person died but I’m hoping we at least find out who if nothing else.  My wife believes it to be Benjamin Linus in the casket.  My guess is Sawyer, Michael or maybe even Juliet though the clipping leads me to believe it’s a man who has died and not a woman.
  4. Jacob – I’d like to know exactly who and what Jacob really is.  I fully expect a overwhelming amount of ambiguity to surround this character until some of the final moments of the show but I hope that the producers reveal what he really is if nothing else.  Is he supernatural?  How much control over Ben does he have and vice verse?  Is he a ghost, stuck in between dimensions, timelines, what?  I think to at least not touch on these questions and provide some early small answers will flat out suck.  Fans sometime complain about the pacing of the show or the amount of time they’re forced to wait for answers.  Well guys this would be a good way to shut those people up.  I’m hoping he’s either really good or extremely evil and kind of hoping that Ben uses that ash to diminish Jacobs power and/or abilities.  More of Jacob in Season 4 please!
  5. Marvin Candle/Mark Wickmund/Edgar Halowax – He’s only appeared a few times on old Dharma films but Dr. Candle (as i refer to him) is one the characters I am dying to learn more about.  I’ve read that he is indeed still on the island but alive or dead?  I want more insight into what role he really played within Darhma and who’s side he’s really on.  In the latest video it looks like he was involved with either cloning or time travelling rabbits and I’d also like some deep insight into that.  Sadly I have no idea if Dr. Candle was ever intended to be or will ever be a main/recurring character.  I am hoping Season 4 gives us more of him…a lot more!  As I’ve stated before don’t create red herrings just to create purpose-less mystery, it only servers to leave us hungry for answers and pisses us off!
  6. Danielle – I hope to god that Season 4 gives us at least one Danielle centric episode.  I want to know who she really is and how much she is lying.  I believe that she’s actually Annie while my wife disagrees.  She has one of the dolls Annie gave to Ben and I’m starting to think she pissed Ben off at some point and she went off to live alone in the jungle.  I’m probably way off on this though and I’m well aware of this. If there is nothing planned for Danielle this season I hope she appears meaningfully in some-body’s flash back or flash forward!  Just a little information please!
  7. Libby – From the moment Libby was shown in Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute across from Hurley I have been blown away by that revelation and have been hungry for more information on and about her.  Who is she really, is she Dharma, or affiliated with a group other than the survivors?  Why was she in the psych ward, how did she get out, and why was she on the plane.  These are things I’d like to know and I’m hoping that Season 4 gives us more on Libby.  I don’t expect everything but a little at the very least would be nice.

I, like every other fan who follows the show have thousands of questions I really want answers to and these 7 are on the top of my list as I think of them more than any others, aside from the big 3 of course. (What is the Island, Where and When is the Island and The Monster)  I’m fairly certain that these won’t be revealed until the end of the series and that’s fine but I really hope they start tying up many of the loose ends they’ve left hanging in our faces these last 3 years!   What do you guys think and want to see?

Until my review of the season premiere…See you in another life brother!

  1. will.i.am says:

    im stoked for tomorrow, bro! i’ve been doing some homework on the Dharma Initiative and the island itself…have u looked at wikipedia about all this? check this out: http://lostpedia.com/wiki/The_Valenzetti_Equation

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