Lost – Confirmed Dead Review

Posted: February 8, 2008 in TV Stuff

Trouble Ahead!Season 4 of Lost continued last night with “Confirmed Dead“.  The episode had the pacing of the season premiere and if this continues I’ll go out on a limb and say this could be the best season of Lost yet!  Confirmed Dead places its focus on 4 of the helicopter passengers, Daniel, Miles, Charlotte, and Frank, who says he is the pilot who was originally scheduled to fly Oceanic flight 815.

Most of this episode is spent exploring the pasts of these freighter people through flashbacks which I found to be fairly intriguing.  Charlotte finding the skeletal remains of a Polar Bear in Tunisia along with a Dharma collar raised all kinds of questions for me and made me think that there are many doors that take you off the island or that there is another location just like the island somewhere out there.  At any rate Charlotte’s find was huge.  We are introduced to Miles who appears to be and is refered to as a Ghost Buster as he speaks with a woman’s grandson who has passed away in his initial flashback.  We also see Miles speak with the recently deceased Naomi to confirm that it was indeed Locke who put the knife in her back and not Kate and Jack.  It is revealed that Frank works or worked as a pilot for Oceanic Airlines as he calls them to argue that the dead pilot featured on the news is not the actual pilot.   Daniel’s flashback was perhaps the most ambiguous as he simply watches the news report showing the 815 wreckage and begins to cry.  My wife couldn’t figure out what’s special about Daniel but I believe he has Empathic abilities or something along those lines.  At any rate I enjoyed learning a bit about these new characters and something tells me they are really bad news.

The remainder of this weeks episode is spent showing team Sheppard and team Locke either hiding from the freighter people or working with them to try and get off the island.  All of the scenes have purpose and I’m really enjoying this seasons “no filler” approach to story telling.  Confirmed Dead offers no huge revelations save for the end of the episode when a beaten Ben Linus tells Locke that he has a spy working on the freighter, which I believe to be Michael, and that they are here for him.  Why they want him is not revealed but it’s enough to build things up which is what this episode is meant to do, provide building blocks for the overall story arc this season.

There was one shocking for moment for me this week that had me on the edge of my seat.  Locke comes close to shooting Ben until Ben tells John, “I have answers”.  Locke replies immediately with “what is the Monster…what is the black smoke”.  Before Ben answered “I don’t know” the show actually fooled me into thinking we’d get a huge meaningful answer about one of the shows biggest mysteries.  As bad as I want to know the who’s, what’s, where’s, and why’s related to the Monster I am not expecting an answer until season six and I’m expecting a cryptic one at best (I don’t think we’ll ever know exactly what it is or where it came from), so I was OK with not finding out but that was a nail biting moment for me.  Good job producers/writers!

All in all Confirmed Dead did what it was supposed to do and did it well, which is to introduce us to a new set of possible villains and to pose a number of questions which we’ll be guessing at all season.  The freighter people are important and dangerous and each one brings a gift or talent to their team.  Why are they after Ben?  Are they Dharma? How much do they know about the Island and the Others?  Personally I’m hoping they are not Dharma as that would be to easy and disappointing.  I’m hoping they are really sinister and downright evil.  Another great episode for what is shaping up to be a great season.

Score/Grade: B

  1. Hot Wife says:

    Dude wheres the review for this past week? That episode was a 10 10 babe! My favorite episode!

    By the way your looking really sexy today! YUMMY!

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