Scott’s Xbox 360 – R.I.P.

Posted: February 27, 2008 in Video Games
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Well after I finished my work this evening I went to do what I normally do which is fire up my 360 and play some Phantasy Star Universe for an hour or so.  My gaming dreams where crushed this evening by the Red Rings of Death, which indicates an Xbox 360 has had a hardware failure.  Upon booting up my console the power button began flashing red and I watched as my night of gaming was taken out of my hands, thrown onto the floor and stomped on by Microsoft.

I’ve purchased my 360 two days after it launched and it’s by far my preferred console this generation.  It goes without saying that 90% of my gaming hours are logged on my 360 so this is a huge bummer.  Luckily for me I’m not the only one with this problem as the 360 has experienced a whirlwind of hardware failures since it’s release and Microsoft in a bid to avoid a big lawsuit extended it’s warranty a bit so that those of use who’ve had our consoles for quite a while can still get repairs at no cost.

Microsoft is sending me pre-paid envelopes and boxes as well as free shipping so that I can send them my 360 to have it repaired but my console will be gone and out of my home for four weeks.  The gamer in me is furious that my console is dead and that it is going to take four weeks for them to get it back to me in working order.  The sensible side of me tells me to settle down and be thankful that they’re repairing it for free but god damn it, they should be.  Though Microsoft isn’t fixing all the discombobulated Xbox’s because they care about their customers I do feel some sort of quasi vindication as a big corporation is being forced to fix my console for free because of their fuck up.  No Phantasy Star for me…………I guess I can always re-play Metroid Prime 3 or Zelda on my Wii.  Man what a pisser.

  1. Deity Rob says:

    Be prepared for a letter that will read something like “In order to save time we opted not to repair your old console but instead sent you this new one.” Which means they refurbished some other poor saps conslole and shipped you theirs.

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