Jericho: A Great Show That Nobody Watches

Posted: March 5, 2008 in TV Stuff
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Just a quick word about a great show no one watches.  Jericho airs on CBS, Tuesday nights at 10:00pm and is a fantastic tale of survival in a small town following a full out nuclear strike of unknown origin.  This show is a serial drama so if you like Lost and Heroes, chances are you’ll like this one too.  It’s got rich, well developed characters and heavy realistic drama all of which grab you and draw you in fairly quickly.

My wife and I became fans of the show after hearing of it’s cancellation and return.  I received Season One on DVD for Christmas and we power watched the entire season in about 3 days.  We anxiously awaited the start of Season 2 and could not have been more pleased with the new season once it got under way.  Sadly Jericho is once again going away because nobody watches it, according to the network anyway.  I’d be willing to bet that the majority of viewers, including the ones who campaigned to put the show back on the air use DVR’s to record episodes of Jericho.  As we all know the networks and sponsors don’t count DVR viewers as they’re not watching a show that’s been over-saturated with shitty advertisements.  With Jericho airing at 10:00 on a weeknight its nearly impossible for my wife and I to watch it as it airs.  Many times we are busy working and getting the kids ready for school and the big shocker here, we just don’t want to sit through commercials.  Hey networks and sponsors….NEWSFLASH!  Even before TiVo and other brands of DVR’s we didn’t sit on the couch to watch your commercials.  We got up to use the restroom, make something to eat, and guess what…the majority of the time we just changed the channel until the commercials where through.  No one watches commercials with or without a DVR, at least the majority of TV viewers don’t.

As the series finale grows near I can only wonder how great Jericho was going to be had it been allowed or earned the right to continue.  I know from reading a bit that the conspiracy surrounding the attacks goes far deeper than most of us could have imagined and we were going to see other parts of the country and those involved.  I’m not certain how well things can be wrapped up though an end had been planned for and has been filmed but I guess it’s true, the best bands never get signed, the best shows get piss poor ratings, and those with talent often fall by the wayside to make way for someone with a flashy presentation.  Serial dramas have been on the way out for a while now and that’s to bad at least for me as it’s always been my favorite type of program.  I don’t think most viewers have or want to make the time for something that they have to follow week after week, and in some respects I can understand that but when the story is as good as Jericho’s I will never understand why it’s ratings are so low.

Afterthought:  Isn’t it time for the networks to look at new ways of generating revenue?  Product placement in shows might work but I like this idea best.  Have the networks become paid television like HBO and Showtime.  Why?  Well because networks would be forced to become more competitive and I believe this would result in a higher quality line up of shows.  I also would like to see my favorite shows uncensored and free from time constraints.  I wish shows like Jericho and Lost where a full hour and not full of commercials.  This leads me to my final gripe.  Commercials, a 50 + year old way of advertising and generating revenue.  Time for change guys, paying for ABC, CBS, NBC, etc would mean no more commercials, no more FCC restrictions and a longer running time.  Sounds good to me!

 Goodbye Jericho, you will be missed.

  1. Hot Wife! says:

    This show is awesome! Another network need to pick it up, there has not been on bad or ok episode they are all GREAT!

  2. Gwen says:

    It was confirmed on Friday evening (3/21), on Shaun o’Mac’s radio broadcast, that the show’s production company will be trying to find another home for Jericho. Most likely they will be looking at cable networks.


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