Lost Review: Meet Kevin Johnson

Posted: March 21, 2008 in TV Stuff
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Michael is NOT redeemable!Tonight’s Episode Grade: C 

I don’t always get a chance to review Lost because on average I’m an extremely busy person.  Tonight however I thought it would be a good idea to write a little something about “Meet Kevin Johnson”.

Tonight’s Lost was centered on Michael Dawson who was last seen at the conclusion of season 2, boating away from the island with Walt just after murdering Ana Lucia and Libby.  To say that I harbor great resentment towards Michael is an understatement.  I really liked Michael prior to his double homicide however I came to hate him very quickly.  I too would go to the ends of the earth for my two children but even as a father myself I felt his actions where unjustified.

This brings us to tonight’s episode which was basically the telling of Michael’s post island story.  The episode itself moves quite fast and felt very flat and shallow to me, though I’ll admit I was very curious to find out if he went straight to the freighter or if he had actually made it home first.  That question along with many others where answered tonight but they where all in relation to Michael and Walt, nothing earth shattering or overly interesting but at least we know how he got home, and how he was recruited by Ben to be his man on the freighter.

With the exception of the first couple of minutes and the last couple of minutes, that had nothing to do with the story tonight I might add, the entire episode was one long flashback.  Normally this type of episode would be exciting for me but a few things really made tonight’s episode a yawn fest for both my wife and me. Lets go with the obvious first.  I hate Michael as he’s a murderer.  He tries to kill himself many times during the episode but the Island won’t allow that to happen so he reluctantly becomes a member of the freighter crew at the urging of both Tom and Ben.  Meet Kevin Johnson attempts to create some sort of redemption scenario for Michael which, for me was a huge disappointment and turn off.  Michael is a killer and while I’m a believer in justifiable homicide his murders don’t fall under that category.

I’ve avoided spoilers for season 4 like they are the plague, however I was made aware of Michael’s return during the summer of 2007 while watching a news broadcast.  What a way to negate the element of surprise.  To further help dissipate surprise, Harold Perrineau’s name has appeared during the opening credits this whole season.  ABC then did it’s part to further remove any hope of surprise by running the line, and I’m paraphrasing here, “next week you’ll see the face of someone you never thought you’d see again”.  No shit ABC?  Wow could it be that Michael is Ben’s man on the boat?  No you’re kidding right?  Had the nature of Michael’s return been even remotely surprising tonight’s episode might have resonated much better with me.  His return should have been a huge deal and because it wasn’t and it was the first time anything on Lost was obvious Meet Kevin Johnson let me down.  I did however get excited when Michael tried to kill himself.  I’m hoping he dies horribly in a cowardly fashion and I’m hoping that they don’t continue to try and redeem him either.

Tonight’s episode felt very rushed yet slow and I found myself thinking…”ok something big is coming, where’s the mindfuck moment we all wait for each week” but that never came.  The episode did not even conclude in what I like to think of as typical Lost fashion.  After Michael’s flashback we very abruptly cut back to Danielle, Karl, and Alex walking through the jungle.  During this walk they are ambushed by unseen assailants.  Karl is “supposedly” killed and Danielle takes a shot and goes down as well.  Alex surrenders and says “wait, I’m Ben’s daughter” and before we’re even teased at who might have been the shooter or shooters…smash cut to black.  Normally Lost would not have smash cut until the culprit we never expected walks out of the bush.  Disappointing to say the least.  Now due to the strike we are forced to wait a month for the shows return.  I would have graded this episode much higher had it had some kind of shock value but it had none.

While I enjoyed Meet Kevin Johnson I constantly found myself becoming frustrated with both the rushed and shallow story and the lack of shock and awe.  With Lost now in “speed mode” as I like to call it, much of the big drama has been removed from the show and while I know this sits well with the majority of viewers it’s irritating to me.  I don’t necessarily need any big long buildups at this point in the show but it’s less focused on characters now and more focused on outcomes which is ok provided they continue to maintain a healthy balance of the two.  No show’s perfect but when Lost disappoints its really frustrating.  I’m sure April 24th will have something that makes the wait worth while.

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