Staffing Companies Suck

Posted: May 14, 2008 in Misc Stuff

From the time I lost my job in October 2006 to the present day, I have been receiving emails from staffing companies and independent employers offering jobs to me that have nothing to do with any of my skills or experiences.  Tonight I got fed up with them and responded as professionally as I could to one company.  Perhaps some of you have been recipients of such emails while unemployed and employed.  If you have then you may share my sentiments, if not you may at least see how this type of thing can become frustrating, especially after 14 + months of activity.  At any rate I’m sure I’ll once again come across as an asshole!  Below is my response to this person/company.


Good evening Jamie,

While I must thank you for contacting me I must admit I am somewhat befuddled by the decision to contact me.  While my response may seem full of pretentiousness and irritation I assure you that my comments come more from bewilderment than any other emotion.

In your email you state that you have several opportunities available that might interest me.  These positions are as follows…

1) Customer Service Specialist/ Bilingual in English & Spanish/ Pay $13/ Location: Brea

2) Customer Service Specialist/ Inside Sales/ Pay $14/ Location: Irvine

3) Credit Collections Clerk/ Bilingual in English & Spanish/ Pay $13/ Location: Brea

After reviewing your email several sentiments surfaced from within my thoughts.  The first and perhaps the most important being, “did anyone actually read my resume?”  This is primarily what has prompted this reply as it is brutally obvious that either somebody is fulfilling only half their job duties or a computer, rather than a human being is responsible for matching candidates to job criteria.  As my resume clearly dictates I have worked as a Customer Service Representative, Customer Service Manager, and Customer Service Executive within several different organizations.  Assuming as any intelligent person might, I began my career in the Customer Service industry as a Customer Service Representative and, over several years progressed to the management and then the Executive level.  So at this point I must present the query once more.  Why was I notified of these positions?

The first position you listed indicates it is an opportunity for an individual who possesses bilingual capabilities.  There is no indication on my resume that I possess these types of talents so the inclusion of this opportunity in your email puzzles me.

You indicate in the second opportunity that the position of Customer Service Specialist also includes duties and responsibilities of an Inside Sales person.  Aside from being a contradiction in terms, the “Customer Service/Sales” position has little to do with the skills and experience I have honed over the course of 8 years.  I would like to know where on my resume you found “Sales” listed as a one of my skills and what lead you to believe a Customer Service expert would be interested in a Sales position.  It would do you and your organization well to understand that not all Customer Service centers incorporate sales and that many institutions keep the two duties separate.

The third opportunity you listed is perhaps the most perplexing of the three.  As I have a strong background in the Customer Service industry I must ask why anyone at your company would consider me or think I might be interested in becoming a Credit Collections Clerk.  Did somebody believe that my experiences in helping others solve their computer/website problems would turn me into an even marginally acceptable Collections Agent?  As collections has little, if anything to do with true Customer Service I was once more taken aback by this listing.  In addition to this, the position once more requires bilingual skills, of which I possess none.

Even if we discount all of these things, each position offers either $13.00 or $14.00 an hour as a starting rate.  Upon seeing these rates I again had to ask myself if anyone had actually reviewed my resume in any kind of minute detail.  Does your organization believe that a Customer Service Executive, whether out of work or not, would actually take such a colossal and drastic pay cut? My resume clearly states what my current salary was at the time I drafted the document, so I must pose the question again.  Does somebody sincerely believe that I would accept a position with a company that offers so little to someone who is overqualified for both the position and the rate of pay?

Your email is one of many that I am responding to tonight as I have been receiving offers from a large number of staffing companies for nearly 14 months.  Reviewing the same type of offers for such a lengthy amount of time has made two things clear.  The first clarity being that nobody at any staffing company actually cares about finding anyone a job, nor do they care about finding a job that matches an individuals salary and skill requirements to what’s actually being offered.  The second thing made clear to me is that staffing companies represent only those employers who offer minimal benefits to those looking for work.  The employers staffing companies appear to represent act as nothing more than scavengers, focusing on those they believe to be desperate and out of work, or those individuals who have no other options available to them.

As I have been with a new institution for just over a year and while my resume remains online and does not indicate that I began a new tenure with a new employer, your email piqued my curiosity as I would really like to have a firm grasp and understanding on how the process of matching candidates to jobs in your organization works.  Mind you I expect either no response from you or one that demonstrates your exasperation with me and demeans my character to in some fashion.  I write tonight not to attack you or the company you represent, but rather to express my irritations with the lack of care taken in matching people with employers.  If I ever find myself in a position where I either desire or need the types of jobs your organization offers I will make use of your services, however until that time arises I would ask that you bring to a close all contacts with me.

Good luck and best wishes!

  1. Jennifer Bouillon says:

    Damn, you are an angry beast hahahaha

  2. Mer says:

    Ok I have to admit as someone who is in the Customer Service industry and gets those emails weekly I was more then proud to read your response. What I learned when I was working for a staffing company is that no, no one does read the resumes as they should, if it says key words an email goes out. It’s not right and it upsets more people then it helps. So, there you go, there’s really nothing you can do other then go to where ever you have your resume posted and remove it to stop the hungry CSR hounds!

  3. jumptech says:

    Found your post after searching what others have to say about staffing companies. We have been on the other side (hiring people) from these agencies with dismal results. We created a video to showcase the behaviors of IT people we get from staffing companies. I’d love your comment on our video and we’re running a contest if you’d like to enter.

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