Skies of Arcadia 2

Posted: June 11, 2008 in Video Games
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One of the great RPG's of all time!With rumors about about a possible Skies of Arcadia sequel appearing on the Wii and possibly the Playstation 3 I wanted to take a moment to talk about it. If you’ve never played Skies of Arcadia I recommend doing so! Though the title is eight years old it’s one of the best RPG’s ever produced. The Dreamcast version is excellent but if you can find Skies of Arcadia Legends for the GameCube you’ll have a superior version of the game.

At any rate if the rumors turn out to be true this would be great news right? I don’t know about any of the other fans but for me I have to honestly say that I’m disappointed. The game is rumored to be headed to the Wii and there’s a possibility of a Playstation 3 port. The Wii? Are you kidding? Perhaps Sega is making SOA 2 for the Wii because of the success of Legends on the GameCube. Perhaps they just want to make use of a “unique” control scheme. This is what scares me. Skies of Arcadia is a hardcore RPG. Though it’s a bit lighthearted in nature, the game isn’t easy nor did it ever appeal to a casual audience. So even with the success of the original game on the Cube why would Sega create a hardcore game for a console that the hardcore have all but ignored or abandoned? The Wii certainly has it’s high points and sells very well but the majority of core gamers don’t make the Wii their first choice when considering a console.

If I had to take a stab in the dark here I’d say that two things are happening with SOA 2. First and foremost, the game is being designed to cater to a broader (Wii) audience which would also mean that it will be far less engaging and challenging when compared to the original SOA. Secondly Sega wants to take advantage of the Wii’s remote. Well with the exception of Metroid Prime 3, i have been disappointed with the Wii’s control schemes and feel that most of them simply replace pushing a button and don’t add much of anything to games. This makes me believe that a Skies sequel will be less about engaging characters and stories and more about some gimmicky control scheme. It’s likely too that this will be the selling point when the game is finally unveiled, which would be a true shame. As the game is rumored to be coming to the Playstation 3 as well as the Wii this all but confirms that the game is going to be focused on control schemes rather than the things an RPG should be focused on.

What I really don’t understand either is that there’s been no mention of an Xbox 360 version of this game. The 360 has a larger install base than the PS3 does and it continues to outsell the Playstation 3 as well. So I must ask Sega, why there has been no mention of SOA for the 360? If you want your games to reach the largest number of people why would you opt to leave out the one console that has the largest install base of hardcore gamers, gamers who would be interested in a game like SOA 2? I’ll tell you why, because I’d be willing to bet that the game is going fundamentally different from the first game.

I can’t tell you how disappointed I’ll be if this game is built around the Wii’s horse power. Even if it comes to the PS 3 or 360 it’ll be last generation graphics and sound with clunky controls in high definition. I was hoping for years that a sequel to SOA would arrive in HD with state of the art graphics, sound and deep, complex gameplay. I enjoy my Wii to some extent but it’s an extremely limited console by today’s technical standards and I would hate to see a Skies of Arcadia sequel take a hit technically just so we can fly our ships or slash our swords with the Wii remote.

It is rumored that the game will be unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show in October of this year and I could be proven wrong and have my fears laid to rest. Let’s hope that I am indeed wrong in my assumptions. This kind of game should retain its focus on gameplay, story, and characters. I’m also hoping that turn based random battles make a return in the sequel…lets not be trendy and go action RPG! A good sequel improves or expands on the formula and elements that made its predecessor great. A bad sequel disregards the things that made the original great and attempts to introduce unrelated new elements of game play. We hope for sequels to our games because we want more of what we got before, albeit in a refined and improved fashion. So let’s have it Sega!

  1. Sally says:

    You go on about how a the one for the gamecube was such a great game and then assume that one for the Wii will automatically be worse, despite the fact that it is a superior system to the cube. If they made a great game for the gamecube I don’t see why you think they won’t make a great one for the Wii. Also, your assumption that having motion controls automatically means it will downgrade the other aspects of the game like characters and story is a little unfounded, IMO. Secondly, just because it comes out for the Wii doesn’t even mean it will have an elaborate control system. Some games don’t even use the motion sensing. The 360 just sucks, they probably shouldn’t even waste their time with that. I don’t know why anyone even buys those things…

  2. Dave says:

    I wouldn’t call the gamecube version superior. It had a few extra scenes, and the random encounter rate was reduced. However, the music quality suffered heavily when it was ported from the dreamcast. They lowered the quality to fit the game onto the gamecube’s minidisks.

    Skies was a good game, and a great RPG (one of the best, but it never really got the attention it deserved). Especially with the Sonic franchise falling short at every release, Sega would do well to follow up on this game. The sequel has been shrouded in rumors for years, but something about these last couple of rumors feels just a bit more concrete. It seems as though Sega may finally be coming to their senses. Lets hope they capitalize on the excitement and make a game worthy of the SOA name.

    It would definitely be nice if it were on the PS3. The latest Sony system is oddly lacking in RPGs.

  3. Sean says:

    Skies of Arcadia is my favorite video game of all time. It was the first game to totally inthrall me. I still play my dreamcast version every once in a while just because they don’t make games like that anymore. I agree with Dave, something about these rumors seems different from before. I can only hope and pray I get to play a sequal to such a high quality game.

  4. Ryan says:

    Skies is probably my favorite RPG of all time. I played both the dreamcast version and the GC version and prefer the GC. Unlike the author, I didn’t find the game very difficult except for maybe the added wanted battles in the GC version. The graphics were smoother in the GC version and the random encounters were not every 2 feet. You also didn’t have the “dream cast disk noise” telling you that you are about to be in a battle.

    I don’t see a problem with SOA 2 being made around the wii. If they made it around the ps3 or 360 and it is a dirrect sequel, using the same characters, the graphical difference would make it kind of hard to relate to the first game, IMO.

    As for no rumors of it for the 360. Look at xbox titles, japanese RPGs are not really their thing. They may outsell ps3 but I don’t think they do in Japan and thats a big market base for them to consider. 360 is getting some chances in the genre with the announcement of FF XIII and Star Ocean 4.

  5. Mike says:

    SOA Is one of the best RPG’s of all time

    Like Sean said, It was the first RPG that ever really got me hooked. It blew my mind. I would not want to see a sequel for the Wii. I would much rather see one for the PS3, although there is a huge graphical difference from the DC\GC I would love to see the entire SOA world looking like that. I will say if there is a new one, it will not surpass the first.

  6. Chris says:

    I’m sorry but I have to completely agree with the author, Scott, porting a Hard-Core RPG like SOA to a farce of a console like the Wii would just be sad. Dont get me wrong I like the Wii but the only Wii game I could take seriously was Zelda and to try to form something like an RPG to such a gimmick of a console wont work unless its formatted to use GC controllers. Think of trying to play Final Fantasy with a Playstation Eye Toy, its just two things that dont mix, to try to make it work would defeat the original essence of RPGness. The Wii is more of a Karaoke Machine than a serious console. You buy it to play in parties and to just have fun. RPGs enthrall you and leave you in a daze for hours. How engaged in storyline can you be if youre hopping up and down so you can climb a ladder?

  7. Charlie says:

    Ok I have to agree with the poster, having personally played both the DC version and GC version, the game is slightly challenging at some junction but its difficulty level is not that high if you play a little defensively. Still SOA is one of the best RPG of all time based on good story, believeable characters and pretty good combat / ship battle system. Tell you the truth, I just do not see SOA2 works for Wii while still remains a true sequel to SOA.

    I do not consider myself a hardcore gamer but I do think I am an RPG ethuist and I for one have been waiting for a true sequel to one of my all time favourite RPG, but for the Wii system? come on, most of us gamers uses Wii for party flavors and turn to Xbox360 or PS3 for better titles, I really hope they do not make SOA2 into a Wii Mario type game.

  8. solo says:

    I looked at the Tokyo Game Show 2008 game list, and I didn’t see Skies of Arcadia 2 up there. It is now the close of the 3rd day of the show and still nothing. There goes 4 years of hope…

  9. arick says:

    It’s unfortunate, I’ve been following that rumor about the Tokyo Game Show since I read about it. Damn you EGM for that rumor mill, getting my hopes up. Perhaps they haven’t scrapped it, but it’s been a long time with no word for a sequel. I should probably stop hoping, Sega has a tendency to let me down.

  10. Sam says:

    Listen guys, the first SOA was amazing. no question. Moving it over to GC really didn’t change the quality for me, and I’ve played through it at least 5 times. If they made a sequel at all it will be great. Putting a game on the Wii doesn’t mean they have to use the wiimote and nunchuck for the motion specific gameplay. Just look at Smash Bros Brawl. It still used that button smashing goodness we all know and love, and I don’t think a new SOA will be any different as far as controls go. My advice for hardcore fans would be to get a free account on sega’s website and email them begging and pleading with tears in the eyes to make a sequel on any system. With all the horrible sonic remakes I’m getting sick of them.

  11. Very descriptive article, I liked that a lot.
    Will there be a part 2?

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