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Arthur Abraham – Carl Froch – Mikkel Kessler – Andre Ward – Allen Green – Andre Dirrell

Group stage 1 of Showtime’s Super Six Super Middleweight boxing tournament is over and group stage 2 will kick off on April 24th with Abraham vs. Dirrell. The first round of bouts heralded some surprises, a controversial decision, and a spectacular knockout. If one things was proven in group stage 1 it’s that we should expect the unexpected, as is usually the case in boxing anyways though this tournaments has a lot more value than your average bout. I had the desire to blog tonight about group stage 2 after reading an article about the Dirrell/Abraham fight. I intend to discuss both the strengths and weaknesses I see in each fighter as well as who I expect to see walk away with a win this round. I’ll also talk a bit about who I’m routing for so without further ado:

Arthur Abraham vs. Andre Dirrell

I believe that Arthur Abraham is a much more skilled fighter and a much smarter fighter than many people give him credit for. I also believe that he’s rightfully the betting favorite to win this tournament. Certainly his power is his greatest and most feared asset but he has fairly decent reflexes and an ultra tight defense too. That said I’ve watched King Arthur’s work rate drop dramatically over the last couple of years. While he’s always been a slow starter, Abraham’s work rate has dropped in recent years, especially in the early rounds. Against Andre Dirrell, a fast, slick, and clingy fighter, this is going to be a massive problem for Abraham. While Dirrell’s modest power and tendency to ride his bicycle won’t afford him the opportunity for a knockout, I believe Dirrell will win an extremely boring fight by wide unanimous decision. I’d go so far to suggest that Dirrell will pitch a near shut out against Abraham. I expect Dirrell to stay far away from King Arthur the entire fight and run even more than he did against Froch and I’m expect more holding from Dirrell too. Dirrell will be to fast for Abraham and land jab after jab for 12 rounds while Arthur swings for the fences beginning mid-fight. Dirrell will frustrate Abraham with his speed and desire to stay far on the outside. Of course if Arthur does catch Dirrell it’ll be lights out but I don’t believe Dirrell will afford him that opportunity. Andre Dirrell by wide UD.

Abraham KO’s Taylor

Mikkel Kessler vs. Carl Froch

Though I’m a huge Abraham fan and anxiously await his next fight, the Kessler/Froch fight is perhaps the most intriguing of group stage 2. I’m also looking forward to it more than the other two bouts because it’s tough to pick a clear winner in this bout. I believe that Kessler is a far more talented fighter than is Froch though I give Froch the edge in power. Froch has almost no defense, takes hits to land them and he’s slow, plodding, and there to be hit. He was outclassed when he fought Taylor and won only because he was finally able to catch Taylor with some hard punches in the final round. Kessler possesses much more power than does Taylor and I believe once Froch gets hit by a boxer puncher like Kessler he’s going to be in a lot of trouble. I’m a fan of both fighters but I see Kessler winning this one mid fight. Kessler by KO inside 6

Ward vs. Green

I have nothing against Allen Green but he’s a vastly overrated in my opinion. He’s failed to impress me in his last couple of fights and I don’t believe he belongs in this tournament. It’s a shame that boxing politics has kept Pavlik and Bute out of this tournament as they would have been far greater additions to this tournament than Green or even Bika. I digress however and to get back on track I’ll say that Green has only a punchers chance and a slim one at that when he faces Ward in group stage 2. I believe Green’s talent and power to be vastly overrated and expect to see Ward make him look like an amateur. I also believe placing so much stock in Ward to be folly as well though it’s clear Ward has considerably more talent than does Green. I believe this fight will be just about as uneventful and boring as the Abraham/Dirrell fight and I expect it to play out in almost the same fashion. Expect to see Ward stay on the outside and pot shot Green with jabs and a few hooks but without ever closing in to hurt or finish Green off. This fight is a mismatch. Ward by UD

Though I believe 2 of the 3 fights won’t boast much action let alone knockout’s, I’m eagerly awaiting group stage 2. I believe that this group stage may hold an upset or two and things could get really interesting should upsets be pulled off.

Now in terms of who I’d like to see win their fights, well that’s a different story all together.

I’m a huge long time fan of Arthur Abraham and generally despise fighters like Dirrell who are content to box their way to a points victory. I save my respect for boxers who view a points victory as a last resort. Additionally I have a difficult time finding positives in guys who get on their bicycles for 12 rounds. Save the boxing clinics for the gym! As I’m a fan of both Kessler and Froch too it’s difficult for me to route against either one but I’m hoping Kessler pulls this one off. Andre Ward appears to be one hell of a nice guy and I find his life story very inspirational but there’s just something about the guy I don’t like. I can’t place my finger on it but Ward just rubs me the wrong way. Perhaps if Ward added “finishing” and “pressure fighting” to his already awesome skill set I’d a huge fan. His victory over Kessler is also forcing me to route for Green in this fight. I still favor Abraham to win the tournament too.

Go Abraham, Kessler, & Green!

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