Socialism? You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me!

Posted: March 22, 2010 in Misc Stuff
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Let’s get something straight. Obama is not a Socialist nor is he a progressive. I wouldn’t even call him liberal. He is a tool of those who really run this country, the wealthy business owners, in this case health insurance companies. Obama was there (as are all politicians) to give the public the illusion of choice, the false hope of change, and to protect the interests of those who put him in office.

This health care bill is not a gateway to Socialism nor does it address any of the problems with our current health care system. There are those who claim this bill will impose harsh penalties and regulations on health insurance companies and while that’s true to a very small extent, the penalties and regulations in this bill don’t actually hurt these companies. In fact under this legislation it’s actually cheaper for insurance companies to deny people care with pre-exisiting conditions and pay the fines than it is to insure them. These “changes” or “improvements” are designed for one thing and one thing only, to distract an ignorant public mass from the fact that the US government will soon be forcing everyone but the extremely destitute and old to purchase health care. Protect the public from greedy health insurance organizations? The government just handed health insurance companies all the business they can handle on a silver platter.

I see a lot of individuals claiming this health care bill is a gateway to Socialism which is absolutely ludicrous and laughable. This bill does very little for the uninsured and for those who can not afford health insurance. The health care legislation recently passed isn’t even a liberal piece of legislation let alone a Socialist one. Its purposes are to give the illusion of change and to bring health insurance companies more business and money.

I also see both conservatives and people claiming to be liberal that we can’t afford health care reform in any form. Really? We can certainly afford to fight two meaningless propaganda bases wars and yet for some reason we can’t afford to take care of, or at the very least lend a helping hand to people who are sick or dying. Our Senators, President, and House representatives all earn bloated unjustified salaries in addition to the already obscene money they receive from the wealthy to look the other way or to help pass and/or defeat legislation.

I wonder, now that the government can require by law that its citizens purchase health care what’s coming down the line? Imagine a bill that ordered every citizen to buy the extended warranty on all their appliances? Imagine a law that made it illegal not to own the latest piece of technology? How about a law that requires all US citizens own a high priced car whether or not they can afford one?

This health care legislation is nothing short of a joke and an insult. I often wonder what those against universal health care would think or how they would feel if they became ill and were bankrupted by a system design solely to profit from their sickness and disease. If they lost their job because they were to sick to work and lost their home as a result how would they then feel about our current health care system or the legislation that’s recently been passed? Not only that but they’d also have to deal with being denied treatment or a doctor visit because they simply had no money to pay for those things. I wonder if they would enjoy sitting at home knowing that they could probably be cured if they were able to afford health insurance or all the things that insurance doesn’t cover.

In addition to all of this there are still people out there that honestly believe that health decisions are made by a doctor and his/her patients. While this may be true when it comes to minute details, insurance companies routinely deny surgeries and treatments to sick people even when it means these things could save their lives. True health care reform would at the very least provide universal and unlimited health care to those who want it. For those individuals who enjoy paying overinflated premiums and co-payments, well they should be allowed to keep making unscrupulous people rich if they so choose to, but I guarantee as soon as they are denied something that could make them well or at least extend their lives, they’d be all over the free option.

No my friends, this health care legislation is anything but Socialism. It’s a scam designed to make people believe that our government actually did something for it’s people, that those who serve in public office care for someone other than themselves or those who keep them in office. Bottom line is that profiting off of sickness, disease, and death are as deplorable as war profiteering and while many people still believe that our government works for them, those that do would do well to remember that unless there’s a profit to be made in something, real change and improvements won’t ever be made.

Many individuals on the right oppose universal health care only because they believe it to be the “government” coming to get them, losing their freedoms, or because they believe that a government run health care system would be a disaster. I don’t care who’s running the health care system but if there’s no profit in it, there is far less motivation to do harm to human beings. Oh and just a quick note, we have no real freedoms or rights in this country, only a set of temporary privileges that can easily be taken away whenever it suits those who have power. Ever hear about the Japanese Americans during World War II?

Those cheering Obama on through all this should also remember that the health insurance industry was one of his biggest campaign contributors and that he’s received other monies from them too long after the election concluded. Obama is a criminal as are most of the people who serve in our government whom seek only to further their own ambitions, even at the cost of your health and life.

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