Fantasy Super Six Boxing Tournaments

Posted: October 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

I have been a huge fan of Showtime’s Super Six Super Middleweight tournament because of it’s multiple fight format that forces the best to fight the best and more than once as well as the importance of each and every fight.  Despite even it’s recent problems I remain a huge fan of it as well as the tournaments format.  Although I don’t see it happening again anywhere or anytime soon, I’d love to see a Super Six happen in other weight divisions too.  Here’s who and what I’d like to see

Heavyweight Tournament

I want a Super Six to happen in this division for several reasons but more than any other…to force a Haye/Klitschko matchup. This tournament might also produce a Klitschko vs. Klitschko matchup.  I’d also like to see Povetkin, Boytsov, and Adamek face the three title holders of the division as they’re pretty much the only meaningful fighters that haven’t.  I’m leaving out Chambers, Arreola, and Valuev because they’ve already been tested at the elite level and failed miserably. Additionally those guys aren’t ever going to bring enough talent or skill to the ring to beat the best.  This list also has plenty of power punchers in it too which will add huge excitement to this thing. Predicted winner: Wladimir Klitschko/David Haye.  Shamefully however even if such a tournament were proposed you could count just about ever fight out of this one for one reason or another.


  • Wladimir Klitschko
  • Vitali Klitschko
  • David Haye
  • Tomasz Adamek
  • Alexander Povetkin
  • Denis Boytsov

Middleweight Tournament

This like the Heavyweight division has seen its fair share of ducker’s and excuses for fights not happening in the past few years.  A Middleweight tournament would help settle who’s the best in the division by pitting these guys against each other possibly more than once.  It’d be interesting too to see who wins this one.  It’s a tough one for me to call too.  A few years ago I would have picked Pavlik but he’s become one of the sports most disappointing fighters for a number of reasons.  Pavlik aside though there isn’t a lot of power punchers in my fantasy tournament but there’s some good action fights here.  Predicted winner: Paul Williams


  • Sergio Martinez
  • Paul Williams
  • Kelly Pavlik
  • Dmitry Pirog
  • Felix Sturm
  • Sebastian Zbik

Jr. Middleweight Tournament

This division has a lot of talent floating around in it. Unfortunately a Super Six style tournament is the only way the majority of them will ever face one another. The last two fighters I included because undefeated fighters add some excitement to the mix. Predicted winner: James Kirkland


  • Miguel Cotto
  • Alfredo Angulo
  • Kermit Cintron
  • James Kirkland
  • Sergei Dzinziruk
  • Vanes Martirosyan

Jr. Welterweight Tournament:

This is another weight division that’s seen it’s fair share of lame excuses and even blatant ducking recently.  There are very few fighters in the modern boxing era that want to take any meaningful risks.  It’s all about padding your record and rationalizing mismatches and “mandatory” fights to fans.  That said a Super Six in this division would force all of these guys, who always have one reason or another for not fighting each other, to square off against one another.  It would also give boxing fans some terrific matchup’s that we would otherwise most likely miss out on without the tournament. None of these guys nor their management/promoters would allow or want them involved in this thing.  Predicted winner: Amir Khan


  • Timothy Bradley
  • Amir Khan
  • Devon Alexander
  • Marcos Maidana
  • Victor Ortiz
  • Juan Urango

Will any of these tournaments actually happen?  No, nor do I expect them too.  I do believe however that if any Super Six style tournaments where to be made in any of the aforementioned divisions that they’d feature different, less risky rosters for all those involved.  When Showtime’s tournament started each one of those guys was potentially putting his career on the line.  For some it was the start, for others it was the end, but in the end I have nothing but praise and admiration for all involved with the Super Middleweight tournament, even if it’s not progressing as many of us had hoped.  I’d also love to see multiple tournaments going on at once to fill in the gaps between other tournament fights or group stages and to fill in gaps left by injuries and withdraws.  Of course I’d prefer to see all of these happen on Showtime which I realize is practically an impossible feat but who wouldn’t want to see more Fight Camp 360’s?

I guess for the time being and for the foreseeable future us fight fans will have to deal with excuse after excuse why this guy can’t/won’t fight that guy etc and the endless debates over who’s the best in any respective division will continue.  I love this sport but it occasionally tries my patience!

  1. Dec 5, the big fight – Khan Vs Maidana [khan-vs-maidana-fight [.] blogspot [.] com]. Another ring warriors rule. Congratulations to Manny Pacquiao, a pride from

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