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Let’s get something straight. Obama is not a Socialist nor is he a progressive. I wouldn’t even call him liberal. He is a tool of those who really run this country, the wealthy business owners, in this case health insurance companies. Obama was there (as are all politicians) to give the public the illusion of choice, the false hope of change, and to protect the interests of those who put him in office.

This health care bill is not a gateway to Socialism nor does it address any of the problems with our current health care system. There are those who claim this bill will impose harsh penalties and regulations on health insurance companies and while that’s true to a very small extent, the penalties and regulations in this bill don’t actually hurt these companies. In fact under this legislation it’s actually cheaper for insurance companies to deny people care with pre-exisiting conditions and pay the fines than it is to insure them. These “changes” or “improvements” are designed for one thing and one thing only, to distract an ignorant public mass from the fact that the US government will soon be forcing everyone but the extremely destitute and old to purchase health care. Protect the public from greedy health insurance organizations? The government just handed health insurance companies all the business they can handle on a silver platter.

I see a lot of individuals claiming this health care bill is a gateway to Socialism which is absolutely ludicrous and laughable. This bill does very little for the uninsured and for those who can not afford health insurance. The health care legislation recently passed isn’t even a liberal piece of legislation let alone a Socialist one. Its purposes are to give the illusion of change and to bring health insurance companies more business and money.

I also see both conservatives and people claiming to be liberal that we can’t afford health care reform in any form. Really? We can certainly afford to fight two meaningless propaganda bases wars and yet for some reason we can’t afford to take care of, or at the very least lend a helping hand to people who are sick or dying. Our Senators, President, and House representatives all earn bloated unjustified salaries in addition to the already obscene money they receive from the wealthy to look the other way or to help pass and/or defeat legislation.

I wonder, now that the government can require by law that its citizens purchase health care what’s coming down the line? Imagine a bill that ordered every citizen to buy the extended warranty on all their appliances? Imagine a law that made it illegal not to own the latest piece of technology? How about a law that requires all US citizens own a high priced car whether or not they can afford one?

This health care legislation is nothing short of a joke and an insult. I often wonder what those against universal health care would think or how they would feel if they became ill and were bankrupted by a system design solely to profit from their sickness and disease. If they lost their job because they were to sick to work and lost their home as a result how would they then feel about our current health care system or the legislation that’s recently been passed? Not only that but they’d also have to deal with being denied treatment or a doctor visit because they simply had no money to pay for those things. I wonder if they would enjoy sitting at home knowing that they could probably be cured if they were able to afford health insurance or all the things that insurance doesn’t cover.

In addition to all of this there are still people out there that honestly believe that health decisions are made by a doctor and his/her patients. While this may be true when it comes to minute details, insurance companies routinely deny surgeries and treatments to sick people even when it means these things could save their lives. True health care reform would at the very least provide universal and unlimited health care to those who want it. For those individuals who enjoy paying overinflated premiums and co-payments, well they should be allowed to keep making unscrupulous people rich if they so choose to, but I guarantee as soon as they are denied something that could make them well or at least extend their lives, they’d be all over the free option.

No my friends, this health care legislation is anything but Socialism. It’s a scam designed to make people believe that our government actually did something for it’s people, that those who serve in public office care for someone other than themselves or those who keep them in office. Bottom line is that profiting off of sickness, disease, and death are as deplorable as war profiteering and while many people still believe that our government works for them, those that do would do well to remember that unless there’s a profit to be made in something, real change and improvements won’t ever be made.

Many individuals on the right oppose universal health care only because they believe it to be the “government” coming to get them, losing their freedoms, or because they believe that a government run health care system would be a disaster. I don’t care who’s running the health care system but if there’s no profit in it, there is far less motivation to do harm to human beings. Oh and just a quick note, we have no real freedoms or rights in this country, only a set of temporary privileges that can easily be taken away whenever it suits those who have power. Ever hear about the Japanese Americans during World War II?

Those cheering Obama on through all this should also remember that the health insurance industry was one of his biggest campaign contributors and that he’s received other monies from them too long after the election concluded. Obama is a criminal as are most of the people who serve in our government whom seek only to further their own ambitions, even at the cost of your health and life.

Tonight’s post is more a rant than anything else but I felt the need to vent and my blog is the perfect place for venting.

I’m the type of person owns up to his mistakes, and admits when he’s wrong though there are just some people in this world that, despite this, insist I’m at fault for something for which they are at fault for, even if it’s only in parts large or small.  Tonight was one of those nights where such a person accused me of doing wrong yet it was clear through logic and reason that it was not I who was in the wrong.  I’ll draw out the scenario in bullet points to keep things simple and to keep myself from becoming long winded.

  • I was asked by someone to be somewhere at a very specific time.
  • I told this person that I would be busy recording music for an hour or so but that I would complete the project as quickly as possible and then arrive ASAP.
  • After an hour of recording, I put my instruments away from the night and proceeded to process a quick mix on the song I had just finished.  This consumed roughly 20-30 minutes.
  • Once the mix was complete I made my way to the predetermined meeting place and found out that the person with whom I was supposed to meet with was asleep.
  • This person works long hours everyday and has very little chance to rest so I turned around and headed back to my studio to afford them the opportunity to rest.
  • Instead of working with music however I spent time online with a good friend.
  • Some time passed and my daughter came into the studio to ask for medicine as she is ill.
  • I gave her the medicine she requested and once more headed back to the location at which I was supposed to meet this person.
  • Again, for the second time this person was fast asleep when I arrived.
  • As such I once again made my way back to my studio to chat with my good friend who was still online.
  • Nearly 3 hours had passed since I was originally supposed to meet this person so I made one final trip to see if this person was awake.
  • They were not awake but rather still deep in slumber.
  • Again I returned to my studio to talk with my good friend about an upcoming trip to Knott’s Berry Farm.
  • At this point I received a message asking where I was at and why I didn’t arrive at the predetermined location on time, when I had originally said I would.

Now I am at odds with this person whom believes I am at fault for a failed meeting.  This person also believes that they hold no responsibility in contacting me if/when they believe I’m running late.  During a conversion I had with this person, after the initial message questioning my punctuality was received of course, this individual expressed extreme dissatisfaction with me over a meeting that they apparently slept through/were unavailable for. I was told by this individual that they where not asleep the entire 3 hours and expressed once more, their disdain for what they felt I had or hadn’t done.

In an effort to defend myself and in an attempt to coerce this person into thinking logically, I stated boldly that I had shown up at the location three times and immediately after I concluded my project as I said I would.  I then stated “You where sleeping each time I came back.” which fell on deaf and arrogant ears.  I also stated that I had no intention of avoiding this meeting and that I had stopped recording and mixing music after 1 1/2 hours.  Now to be fair I did tell this person I’d be recording for an “hour or so” but I honestly believe the extra half an hour I spent recording and mixing fell well within the boundaries of the “or so” portion of my earlier estimated recording time.  This individual however disagreed with that sentiment and put forward the theory that I was lying about having stopped recording.  When I stated that I was not being deceptive in any way, this individual attempted to shift blame by exclaiming, “Oh so I’m they liar?” although those words nor thoughts had even crossed my mind.  I was quick to point out again that I had come to the meeting at 3 different times but that each time I came by there were asleep.

Apparently when you schedule a meeting with someone that has a loose and casual starting time and show up roughly when you were expected to, it doesn’t matter that the party your meeting with is asleep, unavailable, out to lunch, etc.  It’s your fault no matter what.  This individual did nothing tonight but compartmentalize as I know that had our roles been reversed tonight I would have caught holy hell for falling asleep and then not calling when I believed the party I was to meet with was running late.  There is little to no logic or reason in this type of reasoning and at this point I excused myself for the conversation because there’s no point in arguing with someone who compartmentalizes and utilizes circular reasoning to get their point across.

If this individual wants to remain angry, disappointed, and furious over me going over what they felt was acceptable for “an hour or so” fine so be it.  I would also encourage this individual to take a good long hard look in the mirror.  Sure I’ll take partial blame if you fell asleep waiting for me while I was finishing up the “or so” portion of my project but I’ll be damned if I’m going to take the rap for rendering our entire meeting defunct.  This person profoundly and proudly accused me of not taking responsibility for the failure of the meeting while they took none for themselves.  Could I have left my project unfinished after one single hours time and headed to the meeting?  Sure I could have though I thought the “or so” time frame I gave this individual would have afforded me 20 minutes grace.  Why could this individual not have called me when they allegedly awoke from their sleep and realized I had not arrived?  I’d also like to know why this individual feels as though they should be absolved from all responsibility in this matter as it’s clear to me that in any other scenario, work or personal, had the person with whom I’m meeting with believed me to be tardy, they would have called to say “where the hell are you, are you done yet, etc”.  I showed up an hour and a half after I began recording my music project.  I came back on three separate occasions to see if this individual was awake and available to proceed with the meeting and all to no avail.  At the end of the conversation tonight I extended my apologies and offered to begin the meeting “now” which this person declined on the grounds that it was to late in the evening.  I offered a second time as well in an effort to smooth over the situation and to express my genuine and sincere interest in this meeting.  My invitation/suggestion was declined a second time.

I felt as though I needed to write about this experience tonight because while it’s not the first time this has happened nor is this individual the first to do this to me, I fail to grasp the logic (or lack thereof) of this type of argument.  This individual was excited about our meeting, as was I, though my attempts to pick up late or reschedule where all angrily and vehemently denied.  While I will always take responsibility for those things which I screw up, perhaps the next time this type of poorly constructed argument and ire are waged against me I shan’t be so calm nor polite.  Perhaps it’s time I stop allowing this type of logic and absolution of guilt by admonishing this individual with a stern argument filled with logic than politely walking away.

Two posts in one month! As I’ve stated previously I haven’t had the urge to write much in my free time but I read something today that really got me excited yet left me with a lot of apprehension as well. As a techno-geek and an audio/videophile, I try to stay on top of all the latest technology rumblings and releases. Some time ago I had read an article over at IGN about the “PlayStation 4” being capable of displaying games and movies in 3D. As that console, if Sony even has plans to make one, is at the very least, several years away I relegated this news to my the farthest least frequently used part of my brain and reminded myself that it’s nothing more than mere speculation at this point. I love anticipation but when something is more than a year away it’s a little frustrating to anticipate even something extremely cool. The article I read today reminded me of the news IGN reported as it too dealt with 3D imagery. This time however it wasn’t console based or driven 3D content but rather 3D television sets. As someone who follows even the smallest technological news I was quite surprised to learn that 3D television sets are already available for purchase and that they are supposedly not much different in price than their 2D HD counterparts. Typically and as expected I became overtly excited about what I had read. My wife and I have discussed the purchase of a new TV and usually purchase one every few years at the beginning of the new year and so I saw myself walking out of Best Buy or some other extremely overpriced electronics store with a new 3D ready television set on a crisp March morning in 2010. The prospect of playing my games in and watching Blu Ray in 3D is enough to make me want to purchase one this afternoon, unfortunately we do not have the money for a new television set yet. Should things go I as hope and we receive a decent tax return early next year I will have my sights set on such a television set though I there are several questions I’ll have to find answers to before I commit to such a purchase.

  • Just how available are 3D television sets? – The little I’ve read today on this particular subject would indicate that one can walk into any electronics store and pick one up. I don’t believe much of anything that I read and I know that what’s reported isn’t always unbiased or accurate so I’m not holding my breath with regards to the availability of such sets, even come early 2010. As I currently don’t have the money for a new television set I’m not going to waste my time or frustrate myself by window shopping in the local electronics stores.
  • What do they really cost? – Even if what I read today is correct, that the cost of 3D television sets is nearly the same or only slightly more expensive than standard 2D TV’s, come 2010 I’d be willing to bet the price goes up, way up. Despite a poor economy the cost of most things both our needs and wants have all gone up (freeze anyone?). If 3D is fairly priced now but grows in popularity, even if only with early adopters such as myself, throughout the remainder of this year, it’s likely that prices will skyrocket simply because the manufactures will want to strike while the markets hot. When the time comes for a new television set my wife and I will likely be in the market for a 50-60 inch set. We’ll undoubtedly have enough to by a decent middle of the road television of that size but will be able to afford a 3D set of the same size? While the thought of owning a 3D set practically makes me drool in anticipation, I’m not buying a new TV unless it’s at the very least, 10 inches bigger than our current set, which still serves it’s purpose well. If 3D sets are widely available come early spring 2010 but are to pricey I’m not buying another standard 2D set only to sit out on the newest technology for another 2-3 years. It’ll kill me to wait, but I’ll do just that. It’s no different than when I needed a new TV but didn’t have the money for an HDTV in 2000. Prices fell low enough by 2002 so that I was able to afford one. I guess I can only wait and see how things pan out in this department.
  • Extra gear needed?/Everything 3D?– Everything I read today stated 3D ready televisions where already available and would receive a huge push from manufactures during the last half of this year and the beginning of the next. For all the excitement I have for possibly owning such a television, I remain very apprehensive because no article nor did any information I found indicate whether or not 3D ready television sets convert 2D video game signals from my PlayStation 3, Wii, and 360, to 3D. Are these sets capable of converting all images to 3D, only some, or just those sent to my satellite receiver already in 3D or on some predesignated media, i.e. DVD, Blu-ray discs, etc. Upgrading my home from SD to HD cost much more than I wanted it to, and more than I though it should, I’m not so sure I’m ready buy into yet another conversion, especially since HD hasn’t even become standard television yet. I want to buy one television that comes ready and more than capable of displaying all images sent through it in HD and 3D and I do not want to invest in another technological leap that’s only marginally supported by studio’s, cable companies, satellite companies, and video game publishers, it’s got to be all or nothing this time. Any additional equipment needed such as glasses, some type of 3D imaging unit, etc, needs to be prepackaged in with the set at no additional cost.

These are my three main concerns though I also wonder if I should adopt this technology early since the majority of the public still hasn’t even warmed up to HDTV and only a handful (though the number is growing) of television stations are offered in or are broadcast in HD. Would I be wrong to believe that there will be just one, maybe two stations that make only select programming available in 3D throughout 2012-13?  Though HD has been around for a little over 10 years it’s still insanely expensive, complicated for the average consumer, and it requires more than just a television to enjoy and is experiencing an extremely slow adoption rate. While I remain cautiously optimistic about someday soon owning a 3D television set I have no desire to buy a new Blu-ray player, DVD player, stereo equipment, or DirectTV equipment to enjoy 3D imagery. If TV manufactures want to introduce 3D to television audiences, movie buffs, and gamers fine, but learn from the mistakes you’ve made with HD. Make it affordable, accessible, and easy to understand and I and many others will be there day one.  I know it’s going to be costly to broadcast and shoot things in 3D and that studio’s will need to see demand for it before it’s supported but unless 3D television is all the things HD hasn’t been and still isn’t, the format will face an insurmountable uphill battle. I’d like to see this and all other technologies that are so expensive stay out of the public eye and off the market until such a time occurs where the technology becomes cheap enough to offer it at modest prices even for the best models.  Oh and no blue/red glasses either.  Grey glasses work just fine and are far less irritating.

…Oh and another format war involving two companies with near identical technologies will kill adoption of 3D television.  Work it out guys!

Occasionally over the course of my 36 years on this Earth I have come across a handful of individuals who retreat into a passive aggressive shell whilst arguing or while engaging in a friendly exchange of words. These people more often than not say or do something to upset me and when I react or go on the offensive after they’ve done that, they vilify me and emphatically claim I started the argument or am an unfair aggressor. Now to be fair and honest I’m the type of person who believes in the eye for an eye philosophy and when I do react my actions, words, and demeanor tend to reflect that of the aggressor opposite of me. There are many people who find persons such as myself offensive, crude, and a “know it all”, but being labeled as such things only occurs during an argument or debate that’s gone south. A recent argument gone awry prompted the drafting of this post, an argument which I was accused of starting though in reality all I did to anger this person was suggest we take a look at a picture that had just been taken prior to taking a second picture of the exact same thing.

The picture was taken with a webcam and was rather simple in nature. The software that operates the camera allows you to review any images you’ve taken, both new and old. My train of thought and common sense told me “hey let’s take a look at what we have before we take another one” though taking a second would have required mere seconds of our time. It takes only seconds to review a photo and to take a second one if the quality of the original is less than desirable so this individual’s reaction to my recommendation was one of bewilderment as they quickly became irritated and claimed (paraphrasing) “why can’t I take a second picture if I want too? What’s your problem?”

From this point the argument turned rather childish and anger on both sides ensued. My anger stemmed from bafflement and was more a reaction to this individuals actions while theirs was just anger fueled by my earlier suggestion. As we exchanged comments I became the recipient of the same tired labels and comments that I have grown accustomed to over the years and only because I chose to react to what I believed to be poor behavior. Some where implied while others still where stated openly.

In any argument friendly or otherwise all I ever ask is that the individual with whom I’m arguing provide me with reason, proof, or evidence that contradicts my argument. As an open minded individual I have no problem in admitting that I’m wrong but when it’s stated “you think you’re always right or “that’s right I’m always wrong”, I call into question the validity of any argument made against me by that individual because such a response does nothing to add credence to the argument they’ve made against me and makes it appear as though the individual opposing me knows very little about which they speak of and/or is incapable of putting together the type of thought required to make a valid argument.

As a human being I have opinions just like everyone else. If you’re gnashing your teeth over something I’ve stated I believe or have seen to be truth, yet you disagree, am I asking to much when I ask an opposing party to provide me with an explanation as to why they feel I’m wrong? As I stated I’m always open to a different point of view but I do not accept blanket statement, assumptions, gut feelings and emotional responses as fact or proof of anything. I also find it completely unacceptable when any persons with whom I argue express discontent with me over my asking for clear reasoning, motivation, or proof. Why any individual believes it OK to make a statement, claim, or accuse me of something and not explain in detail why they feel I’m incorrect in my statements or beliefs will forever be beyond my comprehension. Excuses such as “I don’t have to”, “It’s not my problem’, etc. only show me that the individual has found themselves in the weak position within the argument and are operating only on emotion. I also find such excuses indicative of egoism, ignorance, and immaturity. It’s difficult for me to imagine an individual who would make such claims or present a counter argument against me yet refuse to back them up with any logic or reasoning even when I’m in the midst of such an occurrence. The burden of proof lies with any individual who makes a claim of any kind yet for some reason anytime I’ve argued or debated with these few select people they are only angered by statements such as this.

By the time today’s argument reached this apex, the usual implications began rearing their ugly heads. “Oh it’s logic again”, and “uh huh, yea everything revolves around logic and reasoning right?” made their way into the conversation. Every time I’ve heard statements such as these I find myself at a lose for words. If things don’t revolve around reasoning and logic or you don’t apply those thing to your daily life, decision making, etc, how does anyone get by and by what means does anyone make decisions? Logic and reasoning allow us to do just that, get by and make decisions we feel are best for us, so yes, logic and reasoning are an everyday part of our lives so why would this individual, who happens to be quite intelligent, make such assertions? I can only conclude that they do so because the conversation has reached a point that is beyond their comprehension, they really have no answer, are responding out of pride knowing they have lost the argument, or perhaps they just loathe me and want to see me put in my place. Many times when confronted with these types of statements I also find myself believing that they make such assertions based on the emotions they are experiencing at that time, anger, frustration, embarrassment, and even some they may not even know they’re feeling. In any case regardless of why they say such things, I find myself with very little and sometimes nothing to say as was the case tonight.

I was then accused of repeating myself which I was indeed guilty of but when I ask an individual to explain their argument and they refuse to provide with any anything my natural response is to try and introduce some logic and reasoning of my own into the conversation, though this only seemed to irritate the individual even more which resulted in the same responses I’ve heard most of my life. “I don’t have to give you a reason” is a cop out and a rather poor excuse for one I might add. As a courtesy and sometimes to make my point I always make it a priority to explain myself and provide the persons I’m arguing with, with my reasoning and logic, even if that person is the bitterest of enemies. I would think that anyone involved in an argument would want to make their point or their side of things crystal clear in the hope of either winning the argument or showing the opposing party why and just how wrong they are. In the argument I was involved in today however, no such reasoning was made known to me.

I don’t believe I’m asking for much when I ask for these things during an argument with either friend or foe and if I am indeed wrong or incorrect in my arguments I want to know about it. I have no desire to remain ignorant and find no shame in being wrong. I find it somewhat shameful that any individual would feel differently about this and accuse me of being a know-it-all, stubborn, or using “big” words to pretend I’m intelligent or to try and intimidate them simply because they disagree with my stance on something or find my reactions inappropriate. I am none of these things and welcome being criticized but by people who are capable of and willing to present a carefully reasoned argument with something to back their point of view. Arguing or debating and refusing to provide a motive or reason for an argument always appears both immature and is the equivalent of a child responding with “SOOOOOOO WHAT!” or “I DON’T WANT TO”. Does demanding such things make me an asshole? I think not, if anything it would allow me and any party who might disagree with me to either agree to disagree or maybe…just maybe to see things in a different light and settle the debate. I don’t have the type of pride that would keep me from admitting I’m wrong but if you want me to see that I am wrong I require you to demonstrate just how and/or why I am. If you’re not prepared to do that in an argument, why argue at all and why be angry?

The argument I participated in tonight reminded me a lot of the debates I’ve had with Theists in both the recent and distant past. Anytime I ask why or attempt to apply common sense, logic, and present counter arguments backed by facts and proof, the conversation quickly goes from one of friendly debate to heated personal argument. I’ll never understand any of this no matter how long I live. Are these people angry or just insecure? I’ll never know.

…and I’m the asshole here?

Here are the pictures and video from the party we threw for Alexis (7) and Serenity (3).  Many more pictures where taken however due to crappy shutter speed on our camera the pictures were all very blurry.  Enjoy!



15120 Sequoia Ave. #5 Tenant: Jarvis

Posted: February 2, 2009 in Misc Stuff

Dear Raymond and Dorothy Garcia,

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that we, Jennifer Jarvis and Scott Jarvis officially vacated unit/apartment #5 at 15120 Sequoia Ave. on January 31st, 2009.  Jennifer surrendered all keys and garage door openers to your acting manager located in unit/apartment #14.  Though both Rosa and Ruben where absent when Jennifer arrived, these items were left with one of their family members.  Jennifer demanded and received a written note from this person stating that the aforementioned items were delivered.

Prior to us moving out we took extra care in cleaning the apartment that we occupied for the period of 15 months so that it would be in at least the same condition we received it in.  You will find however that that we have left unit 5 a little cleaner than it was when we first saw it in November of 2008.  During our stay, the apartment received no damages as a result of our tenancy and any damages, blemishes, or wear and tear you view when walking through the apartment where there prior to our occupation of the apartment, as is evidenced in the damage sheet we filled out just prior to moving into the unit.

As an addendum to my comments about the condition of the apartment both pre and post occupation, I would like to make light of several facts:

  • The carpet in apartment #5 is at least several years old and was not replaced prior to our moving into unit #5.  Additionally we noticed right away that the carpet had been spot dyed in several areas in an attempt to make it look as though it was not as old as it was/is.  The condition the carpet is in currently is a result of years of human traffic and not unreasonable carelessness or deliberate misuse on our part.  We have left the carpet exactly as it was when you and Dorothy showed us the unit.
  • The stove in apartment #5 shares some commonality with the carpet in that it too was several years old and had seen better days before we ever occupied that apartment.  The condition it’s in now is as it was prior to our tenancy.
  • You will notice that there are several patches on the walls of apartment #5.  This is because we patched up small holes in the wall that came to be as a result of hanging pictures etc.  These tiny holes fall under the category of natural wear and tear and not the negligence, carelessness, accidental, or abusive categories.  The walls need only to be painted which you do before each new tenant moves in.

As you may have guessed this letter’s primary purpose is not to notify you of the condition of apartment #5 or the procedure of our move out but rather to notify you of our expectations in regards to the $1200.00 deposit that we gave you when we moved into unit #5.  As we have left unit #5 in better condition that it was when you rented it to us, we expect our deposit to be returned in full.  If for some reason you feel that repairs or cleaning outside of normal wear and tear is necessary you may only deduct from our security deposit the amounts that are reasonably necessary to clean the premises for the next tenant, repair damages that we caused beyond normal wear and tear, and pay any rent we owed but did not pay.  Painting the unit, having it vacuumed, and having the floors mopped are not legitimate deductions.  If such is the case you are legally required to provide us with a list and this list must itemize each amount, time spent, hourly rate, the name and contact information of the person who did the work, and what was done, and be accompanied by receipts and other documentation showing exactly where our money went.  Again, because we left unit #5 in better condition that it was when we received it, we expect and will settle for nothing less than the full amount of the deposit.

We felt it necessary to inform you of our intentions surrounding our deposit so that there were no surprises down the line.  California law states that landlords have 21 calendar days from the date a tenant vacates and apartment in which to deliver either the deposit or an itemized list showing deductions from the deposit.  Should you choose to ignore our request and should we not receive our deposit from you in full within that time frame (February 21st, 2009) we will pursue legal action immediately.

Please note section “g” under Civil Code Section 1950.5 that states:

“No later than 21 calendar days after the tenant has vacated the premises, but not earlier than the time that either the landlord or the tenant provides a notice to terminate the tenancy under Section 1946 or 1946.1, Section 1161 of the Code of Civil Procedure, or not earlier than 60 calendar days prior to the expiration of a fixed-term lease, the landlord shall furnish the tenant, by personal delivery or by first-class mail, postage prepaid, a copy of an itemized statement indicating the basis for, and the amount of, any security received and the disposition of the security and shall return any remaining portion of the security to the tenant.”

You underestimated us when you asked us to be the “eyes and ears” of the complex and where shocked when we demanded that we sign a contract before we assumed the duties for that job.  You underestimated us a second time when we told you that you were in breech of contract by ignoring the terms of the aforementioned contract, and fired us without either cause or a 30 day notice.  You underestimated us once more when you reneged on your rental offer of $995.00 per month and expected us to believe that your “business partner” was not going to allow that deal to stick.  You underestimated us one final time when you told Jennifer “go ahead, I know you don’t have the money to move out”. You’re record with us thus far is 0-4, do you really want to underestimate us again? Though you’ve stated we are trying to play by our own rules, that statement would be inaccurate.  We are simply trying to play fair and want to be treated fairly in turn, treatment that you obviously know little about.  With regards to our deposit we once again wish only to be treated fairly.  You have consistently showed us and other tenants that you believe you hold all the cards and are not only above the law but extremely arrogant as well.

If there’s one thing you need to know it’s this.  Just because we live in a neighborhood you consider “ghetto” or low class, we are far from the unintelligent, uneducated, naïve, unmotivated, and classless people you seem to think we are.  If you feel we are out of line in asking for the full amount of our deposit by all means do nothing or send us an itemized list and wait to receive your legal summons. I’m sure you’ll enjoy driving out to and spending the day in Hesperia waiting for our case to be called and heard.  Having worked for you and having been neighbors with Danny, we know exactly what type of person and landlord you are and we know precisely how you operate, and deliberately try to cheat good tenants out of their deposits (among other things) by playing on the naivety and fears of tenants.

We hope that you will do what’s right and abide by the laws that fall under Civil Code Section 1950.5: Landlord’s Use of Security.  The choice is yours, however you will want to note that we have both pictures and video of the apartment in pre and post occupation states that clearly show there was no abusive or negligent damage caused by our tenancy.  A copy of this letter along with the pictures can be found at the following web address:

Additionally we will be sending you a copy of this letter via registered mail.  Please do not waste our time with phone calls, bargains, etc.  You are incredibly dishonest persons and we are not interested in anything you have to say.  We will allow a judge out here in Hesperia to decide who’s right.

Scott and Jennifer Jarvis

Pictures and video are listed below

15120 Sequoia Ave. #5
Tenant: Jarvis

The following are compilations of both videos and images taken of the unit at the aforementioned address immediately after vacating the unit. The unit was left in a better state than it was when it was rented out to us.

Please click thumbnails for full sized photos

Video Walkthrough 1 (Jan. 31, 2009)

Video Walkthrough 2 (Jan. 31, 2009)

A Day In The Snow

Posted: December 17, 2008 in Misc Stuff
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We usually don’t get a lot of snow out here in Hesperia but we did today!  Here are pictures and video’s of my youngest daughter Serenity enjoying the snow!

The following are videos taken today.  She nailed me with one snow ball I was not ready for.

Snowball Action 1

Snowball Action 2