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Now that Showtime has managed to salvage its Super Six Super Middleweight tournament, group stage III is scheduled to get underway on November 27 with a double header no less! Thus far this super middleweight tournament has offered lots of drama, controversy, and excitement. Admittedly it has also had its fair share of disappointments, delays, and politics but it’s nice to see things supposedly getting back on track.

Here are my predictions for the group stage III matchups:

Arthur Abraham vs Carl Froch – I’ve been anticipating this fight more than any other since the tournaments inception. I tend to be a bigger fan of brawlers and boxer-punchers that I am of the slick and all too happy to run boxer. That said everyone knows this fight is likely going to be a shootout and its winner determined by who connects first. I see Arthur Abraham walking away from this fight with a win by knockout. Admittedly Froch has good power in both hands and Abraham could find himself in trouble should Froch find a way to connect or breakthrough his shell defense but I believe Abraham to be too fast, too strong, and too strong on defense for Froch to handle. Additionally Froch has been hurt by other fighters who are far less powerful than Abraham is so I see Froch having a hard time in this fight. If Jermaine Taylor could drop him and Kessler could rock him late, it could be a short night for Froch come November 27. Froch is a good fighter but in this fight he is simply outgunned.

Andre Ward vs Andre Dirrell – Though I find myself intrigued and excited about every single fight and potential fight in this Super Six tournament I have to admit that if there is going to be a complete snooze-fest in this tournament it’s going to be this fight. Ward the tactician and Dirrell the defensive minded and quick footed boxer who doesn’t like to take chances should make for what is potentially the most boring fight of this tournament. In this fight I see Dirrell walking away with a win via split decision. Ward is good no doubt but because he’s not that aggressive and doesn’t take too many chances, I see Dirrell using his superior speed of foot and hands to walk away with a victory. I don’t expect much action in this fight nor do I believe either man is really going to put his foot on the gas pedal at any point. Not just because they are friends but also because neither one likes or wants to get hit and neither one is knockout minded.

Allan Green vs. Unnamed Opponent – There’s good reason to believe that Light Heavyweight Glenn Johnson will be dropping down to Super Middleweight and joining this tournament. At least that’s the “word on the street” anyways. There’s a lot of fans bemoaning this choice but I find that those people are generally the same ones who find weakness in this tournaments structure rather than strength, despite some of it’s problems. I digress however and will say this. I think Glenn Johnson even in his 40’s is more than a match for Allan Green. He’s also a much better option than any of the other available and willing fighters. If Glenn turns out to be Green’s opponent, call me crazy but I see Johnson winning the fight by unanimous decision. Why? Green is a career underachiever who’s skills at making excuses far exceed his skills in the ring. Green has come up short against all credible opponents and lost to gatekeeper Edison Miranda. Green’s self imposed limited ring ability as well as his soft resume tell me that he’s going to struggle against the always ready and willing Johnson. I expect a slightly more energetic performance from Green should this one come off but I don’t see Green being able to handle Johnson’s pressure. Unless Johnson ages overnight that is and even then I don’t see Green being able or perhaps capable of stepping his game up and finishing strong. No matter who they match Green up with I just don’t see him winning. The abysmal performance against Ward, his excuses fight after fight, and his inability to step his game up against gatekeeper and world opposition tell me everything I need to know It’s as shame too because I like Green’s personality.