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Lost Season 5

Posted: January 14, 2009 in TV Stuff
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lost-season-52Last year and just prior to the start of  Lost season 4 I wrote a blog about what questions and mysteries I’d like to see answered in the upcoming season. Looking back at that list a year later I’m shocked, but not surprised, that only one item (who’s in the casket) on my list was addressed in any measure of detail. Season 4 was outstanding and it is my hope that Season 5 surpasses it in terms of both quality and answers.  I’m still hoping that the unanswered items on last years list are dealt with this year, however after viewing last season I naturally have a new list.   Now that season 5 is a mere eight days away I’d like to create a new list of things I hope to see resolved in season 5.

  1. The Four Toed Statue – This mystery appeared on the list I drafted prior to the start of season 4.  Watching several video podcast’s during the end of 2008, I now have little hope that they’ll address this subject at all during the fifth season.  I have a feeling we may see it again in some capacity but I believe this is a season 6 subject, though that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to know more this year.
  2. Claire Littleton – After Claire walked off with Christian near the end of season 4 we next see Claire in Jacob’s cabin with Christian.  In this scene Claire doesn’t appear to be herself and seems cocky, and somewhat odd.   I want to know where Christian took Claire, what happened to her after leaving camp, and why she was in Jacob’s cabin.  Following Lost as I do, I am aware that we will see little to no Claire this season and that her story will be addressed in the final season of the show.
  3. Christian Shepard – Shepard Sr. died before arriving on the island but now is apparently in league with Jacob at least in some capacity.  I would like to know why Christian is still “alive” on the Island, how he’s able to be there, what he’s doing speaking for Jacob, and why he asked Claire to accompany him into the jungle.  While I think the show will provide us with some Christian related answers in season 5, I think the majority of these things won’t be tackled until the final episodes of season 6 are aired.
  4. Those who have been left behind – While I’m 99% positive that this is what season 5 is going to deal with and answer, these events pose some of the biggest questions for me.  What happened to the people who remained on the Island after it moved?  If it was not Charles Widmore’s people, who exactly came to do harm to those left behind?  If it was Widmore’s people why kill everyone there?  I’m fairly certain that by season’s end all of the mystery as to who came, who killed, and why will be answered, at least in some capacity.
  5. You’ve Changed The Rules – The scene between Ben and Charles that took place in season 4 was a game changer of sorts.  It showed the audience that not only was Charles indeed after the Island but that he and Ben have known one another for apparently quite some time.  Moreover it appears as though there is some type of contest or game going on.  Ben claims Charles “changed the rules” and that as a result of Alex’s death, he’s going to kill Penny.  I’m hoping that season 5 tells us what these “rules” are.  I’m also hoping that the show sheds some light on why ther are rules, who established these rules, and why the two men up to that point where abiding by them.
  6. Ben And Charles – One of the biggest mysteries posed in Season 4 was the Ben/Charles connection.  How long have these two guys known each other, what does Charles mean when he tells Ben, “I know who you are and what you are”, how did Charles “lose” the Island to Ben.  As he opposes Ben,  is Charles the guy we should be routing for or is he really the bad guy?  Why does Charles really want to find the Island.  I have high hopes that season 5 will give us some answers to these questions, even if they turn out to be cryptic.
  7. Benjamin Linus – We still have so much to learn about Ben and time is running out.  Why did he agree to the Purge, what role did Richard Alpert play in convincing Ben to take part in that event.  Is Ben really a good guy or is more evil than we can imagine?  Though there is much about Ben we don’t know I have a feeling and hope that season 5 sheds some light on one of the most interesting and best fictional characters of all time.
  8. John Locke – Season 4’s finale showed us that Locke was the man in the casket.  Now that it’s been revealed he’s dead the questions I often ask myself are, “Who killed John Locke, why was Locke killed, is Locke really dead, was it really suicide, and why was he using an alias?  Judging by the season 5 episode title “The Life And Death of Jeremy Bentham” I’m certain we’ll get at least a look into the why’s and who’s but in true Lost fashion I expect plenty to be left unanswered only to be revealed at a much later point in the story.
  9. Charlotte Lewis – I’ll admit I was not interested in Charlotte until it was revealed that she was born on the Island and that she’d been trying to find a way back for quite some time. I have several theories about Charlotte, the most prominent one being that she is Ben and Annie’s daughter that somehow left the Island.  Season 5 could very well prove my theory wrong but until it does my theory puts all the pieces surrounding Ben, the Others obsession with childbirth, and Annie together nicely.
  10. Where did the Island go? – Ben moved the Island in the season finale last year and we were all left wondering where the Island went.  I don’t believe it’s a question of just where it went but when.  I believe that the Island can move whenever and where ever it likes.  I hope that season 5 provides us some detailed answers on not just where and when its gone but how the (pseudo) science of this works.

Like all other consumed Lost viewers I too have at least a million and one questions that I’d like to have answered.  That said I feel as though most of these lingering questions won’t be addressed until well into the sixth and final season.  Issues like the Monster, detailed information about the Island, Danielle, The Black Rock, and all of those other questions we still ask ourselves I can see not being answered until 2010, if ever.  Though these questions are always in the back of my mind the 10 listed here are at the forefront of my brain.  Get ready for season 5 and enjoy the ride!  What do you guys think?